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Boot 132 installation confusion. Halp me!


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I'm currently running the following system:


(NOTE: It boots Kalyway 10.5.2 (off a usb), but its running Windows XP Pro SP3 right now)

Intel Q6600


Nvidia GeForce 8600GT with 256mb VRam

Built in LAN (which apparently has problems)

Built in sound (which apparently has problems, as well)

1TB S-ATA Samsung Desktar HDD

S-ATA DVD Drive (I think its LITE-ON)

Using the new apple mouse/keyboard

Currently using a crappy 12" LCD screen (with DVI-VGA converter), but will switch to the cinema display soon


I want to do a retail install of BOOT132 (I was going to do EFI-X, because it sounds seamless and easy and I really don't want to deal with nay {censored}, and I really want apple updating), but EFI-X is 200$ and BOOT132 is free.

I have a retail disk of leopard ready.

So I just need a dumbed down guide on how to install this on my system. I have these .iso's called BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso and p35.iso, but I don't really know what to do with them. There is a guide on insanelymac for the GA-P35-DS3L board (which is pretty much the same as mine), but it seems to need patched updates and whatnot. So if anyone can help me out of my predicament, it would be greatly appreciated.

I really don't want to have this expensive system sitting around being useless, so I need to do this soon.

-thx ;)

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Well there is a very clear guide for your board, check out this




All you need now is the p35 iso and a original iso.

Boot with your burn p35 iso when asked what drive to boot, insert your mac osx cd and press <enter>. Create two partitions (one main, and one 'safe') and follow the instructions in the topic above. This should get you going



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