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  1. Wow. Prices have really dropped for these parts since I built it a few months ago. I payed around $900 Canadian, with a lot of haggling and searching, so I won't sell it unless I can get around $900-1000+ Whatever.
  2. So how much do you think a system like this is worth, especially considering that it's in a 300$ lian li case.
  3. So I built a hackintosh setup around half ayear ago, but I am thinking of selling it now, depending on how easily I can get snow leo installed. This is my setup: Ga-EP35-DS3l 1000GB SATA drive 4GB DDR2 2.40GHZ Q6600 quad core G0 Nvidea Geforce 8600GT 256mb I was thinking of selling it because I recently bought a new macbook pro and I don't really need both. But I will be buying a copy of SNow Leopard pretty soon, for my mbp, so, if it is easily installed on my hackintosh, I wiill keep it. What do you guys think?
  4. Ready Hackintosh possible For Sale

    This now has a perfect running version of mac OS 10.5.7 on it. I haven't done a retail install yet, but it's running perfectly off the old hard drive from my powermac G4.At first it had modem issues, graphics issues (no quartz extreme, only 32mb VRAM detected) and no built in audio. Now everything is working well except built in audio (but I have a USB soundcard). I may still be selling this depending on what kind of install I can get with snow leopard.
  5. [SELL] Macbook Unibody (no fw)

    I would not pay 1800$ for this, but I might be willing to pay a little over a thousand or a powerbook g4, 15", 1.5ghz and some money.
  6. I don't quite understand. Am I supposed to put .kexts in the BOOT132 ISO (generic.iso), or am I supposed to put .kexts in once I install Mac OS? From what I gather, you are supposed to put .kexts in initrd.img, which is within generic.iso and they have to be the .kexts for my specific motherboard (ep35ds3l). I've found this thread (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=157938&pid=1146875&mode=threaded&start=#entry1146875), which seems to be a list of the .kexts I need for my motherboard, but where do I get the .kexts. They always say which ones you need, but never provide download links. Basically, I have to find those .kexts, download them and put them in initrd.img. Correct me if I am wrong. So where do I get them, and how do I put them in the .IMG file? I've been using PowerISO and/org MagicISO Maker to edit generic.iso, but they can't seem to handle initrd.img. -please offer any help you can here. thx edit: if anyone with a ep35 ds3l has already made a working ISO, could you upload it somewhere for me please? that would definitely facilitate this process for me.
  7. OK. I am really confused and quite a noob. The .kexts for your motherboard need to go in initrd.img right? but how do you edit initrd.img? I was using PowerISO to edit the original .ISO, but it says it does not support .img files and neither does MagicISO. Also, where can I download .kexts for my motherboard. I have been reading around these forums for a long time, and I think I know which .kexts I need for my motherboard (GA-EP35-DS3L), but where can I download them? Basically. I have everything ready (DVD, BOOT-132, (hopefully) compatible system), but I need to add .kexts to initrd.img and I don't know how. PM me or reply if you can help me out. It would be really nice if someone who knows a bit more about this could add my msn or something. -thcx
  8. hey. Not really interested in buying, but do you think you could PM me some information/tips on getting OSX on that mobo. I have a similar setup and am having trouble. thx
  9. Ready Hackintosh possible For Sale

    here are some pictures of the machine. I'll upload better pictures to show all the hardware later. And I'll take out that terrible ATA cable. EDIT: http://lian-li.com/v2/en/product/product06...amp;ss_index=96 this is the case, fyi.
  10. Ready Hackintosh possible For Sale

    The parts for this machine cost me a bit more than that, but I'd say that;s a fair estimate. But I bought them online. Sometimes on ebay (new, in package, though), so that saved some of the original cost. I'm hoping for a bit more than that but accepting any offers, maybe even trades. -Anyone else interested? PS: I may still consider using this as my primary machine if I can get a very good, stable install going, and the ability to run OSX.6. If you have any advice about running Mac OSX on this machine, please PM me. And I am going to get pictures, but I still have to buy batteries for my camera and I am quite busy. -thx
  11. So I have the following setup: GA-EP35-DS3L Intel Q660 G0 CPU @ 2.4GHZ (never overclocked) 4Gb RAM DDR2 1000GB HDD @ 720RPM (SATA) DVD-RW drive @ 16x? (SATA) Nvida GEforce 8600 with 256MB VRAM Lian-Li PC V1000 +|| case (super high end aluminum case) Right now, its running Windows XP Pro SP#, as I haven't gotten around to installing OSX86 yet. I have also attached dxdiag.txt, to show all that stuff (it says it only has 3.5GB RAM, because that's all this version of windows can address, but there are two 2GB modules installed) I will attach pictures, when i have time to take a few. I'm thinking of selling it, because I don't really have the time to deal with OSX86 as my primary computer and I'm thinking of buying the new MBP 15" and/or the new iMac 24" So i just wanna know how you'd assess the price of this as a relatively powerful machine, easily capable of running Mac OSX (this is one of the best motherboards for it, afaik), also with a really nice case (it cost me like 300$, and they don't sell them anymore) and I'd also accept offers on the thread or via PM/email, if anyone is interested. P.S.: I may also be selling a powerbook G4 15" aluminum with 1GB RAM, 1.5GHZ PPC G4 CPU, 80GB HDD, and a fancy green glowing apple on the back. I've also recently replaced all the screen casing on it as well as the screen itself, fixed the wifi, but it's missing a few screws. Other than that, its in good condition. -If interested PM/Post/email -thx -wman
  12. Ok. So I have a desktop built, ready to go and running perfectly (its got Windows XP Pro SP3 installed on it right now). It uses the following hardware: Intel Q6600 G0 2.4ghz C2Q CPU Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L mobo Nvidia GeForce 8600 videocard with 256mb ram 4 gb DDR2 1 TB HDD SATA DL SATA DVD I have a leopard disk ready. I want to know what I have to do to get 10.5.6 running on this, as I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the information here. thx
  13. Omniweb 5.9 released as Freeware

    I actually really like this browser. I recently switched to it from safari4/camino as my primary browser. I like how it seems to be very featured but feels light. I can't find he benchmarks, but it seems to be the fastest OSX browser for my purposes. It also has a very fast cold start speed (It is noticeable and I've seen benchmarks of it somewhere). It has some great features and its very fast. I really like workspaces, the way it saves sessions (similar to firefox (although i don't like the Mac OSX firefox) and saf4 doesn't have this) and the side bar for tabs. You should check this browser out especially now that it is freeware.
  14. I'm currently running the following system: (NOTE: It boots Kalyway 10.5.2 (off a usb), but its running Windows XP Pro SP3 right now) Intel Q6600 GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3L Nvidia GeForce 8600GT with 256mb VRam Built in LAN (which apparently has problems) Built in sound (which apparently has problems, as well) 1TB S-ATA Samsung Desktar HDD S-ATA DVD Drive (I think its LITE-ON) Using the new apple mouse/keyboard Currently using a crappy 12" LCD screen (with DVI-VGA converter), but will switch to the cinema display soon I want to do a retail install of BOOT132 (I was going to do EFI-X, because it sounds seamless and easy and I really don't want to deal with nay {censored}, and I really want apple updating), but EFI-X is 200$ and BOOT132 is free. I have a retail disk of leopard ready. So I just need a dumbed down guide on how to install this on my system. I have these .iso's called BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso and p35.iso, but I don't really know what to do with them. There is a guide on insanelymac for the GA-P35-DS3L board (which is pretty much the same as mine), but it seems to need patched updates and whatnot. So if anyone can help me out of my predicament, it would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have this expensive system sitting around being useless, so I need to do this soon. -thx