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Can someone check these hardware specs before I click buy!?

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Hey guys,


I'm just about to buy this gear - but thought I would double check that it looks fine for a successful dual boot with Mac/Vista. I have been a member here for ages but never had the knowledge to post anything or provide feedback, so any input is great - I'm not just a random wanting help. It would be great if one of the hardware componets is not compatable and you could list one that will fit in the system with the same specs. :( That would be awesome.


Prices are Aussie BTW.



$1750 System:

CPU: Intel E8400 S775 $207

Motherboard: Gigabyte P45-DS3 $143

RAM: 2 x 2GB G.Skill DDR2-800 $96

HDD: Western Digital 640GB 16MB SATAII $97

GPU: 512MB HIS HD4870 $340

Case: Coolermaster RC-690 $95

PSU: Corsair HX-620 620W $149

Optical Drive: ASUS 20x BLT-2014 Lightscribe SATA $33

Monitor: 22" Samsung 2253LW $275

Speakers: Logitech G51 5.1 $145

K/B & Mouse: Logitech Cordless Desktop LX710 $75



Tom. :angel:

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I don't know I couldn't find anything...


What should I do? What cards are around the same price and specs that are known to be successful? It would be awesome if anyone can find this out as I haven't been able to find anything?


BTW, what would happen if an unsupported graphics card was used, would it just be a default 600 x 800 or something?





Oh oh oh oh!!!




So what exact hackintosh ISO will I be looking for? Kalyway?? I used an ealier version on my HP laptop with some success, but this is is when my Mac n00bness comes out.


Any help lads (or lasses)?

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You can check the Hardware Compatibility Lists wiki for compatible cards.


Click on components, and scroll down to PCIe cards, and the type, nVidia or ATI. (The 10.5.2 list is still probably the most complete).


I personally would choose a card that works currently, rather than something that recommends waiting for 10.5.7, unless you're cool with having a hack that maybe isn't quite worked out yet. Personally, I'd recommend something like an nVidia 9800GTX. It's probably around the same range of performance as the ATI card, but is known to work perfectly.


Without fully supported Core Image and Quartz Extreme, you get {censored} non-hardware accelerated video; in other words the system doesn't even use the card's capabilities and just displays the basic driver-less video. You get no resolution switching (usually stuck at 1028 x768 or thereabouts). Most of the Apple Pro apps won't even install or run of CI/QE isn't available, since many of the interface elements need both.

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I recommend nVidia, because it's what I've used myself. know about, and have had great experiences with. (I currently have a system with a 9800GTX+ and it works great.) I know there are also great ATI cards, but I haven't personally used them. Maybe someone can recommend what's currently the best with a history of support; judging by the wiki, I'd guess that would be the 3870.


Yeah, there are a ton of video card options, I'm sure lots of better values, but the problem is that it also needs to have OSx86 support, and that limits the choices considerably.


If you're not looking for the absolute bleeding edge of gaming and 3D, I think anything from an 8600GTX, 8800GT, and above will suit you fine. And for most other desktop tasks, many of these cards are overkill.

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