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full res in safeboot but not in normal


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i am running a boot-132 kalyway setup with 10.5.6 and wanted to try efi-strings as I was having some issues with screen artifacts in my nvinject enabled system (7200GS - chosen for silence)


Long story short, couldn't coax anything more than 1280xsomething out of my 1680x1050 screen with boot.plist strings, so I decided to go back to the nvinject solution (using spaces always took care of the artifacts anyway.)


I deleted the efi string, and then re-added the backed up graphics drivers and nvinject and I'll be damned if I can get it to boot into anything but 1024x768... that is unless I safe boot, in which case I get full, beautiful 1680x1050.


Somebody please help out a brother before I pull all of my hair out and start on the chest, armpits, etc.



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