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  1. EFI Mounter

    Hey LuckyLuck, For the sake of transparency, would you consider posting the code on GitHub or elsewhere so users can make sure the script is not doing anything unwanted in the background? In general, hackintoshers need to be a lot more careful about what apps/scripts they're using. Thanks, Perro
  2. NVMe native support in 10.13 :)

    Can someone explain the proper procedure for upgrading to 10.13. from 10.12.6 with an NVMe? Do I just remove HackrNVMeFamily.10.12.6.kext from Clover before I start the installer? Thanks Pato
  3. Having the same issue. Am also using sys defs for imac 14,2. If I change this to 15,1 I assume I'll have the usual problem with iMessage and whatnot, but not a game changer. Could you be more specific what you mean by HBP? Thanks, Pato
  4. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.U1l.DSDT

    When I try flashing the BIOS I keep getting an error about the checksum ???
  5. HD 3000 Graphics memory allocation

    update only solution I found was to get a video card. system is more responsive now anyway
  6. Bear with me, because I'm gonna talk first about a dual-installation thang before coming to the point. I have a working Lion installation on a z68x-ud3h-b3 and decided I needed Windows. So, I popped in a new SSD, unplugged all the Mac drives and installed Win 7 64b pro. Hurrah. Plugged the Mac drives back in, Chimera immediately recognized the new system and it boots successfully. However, it was taking 20 + min. to get to the login screen on a Vertex 2. Long story short, I eventually hit on something and it fixed the boot problem entirely. The suggestion was to reduce the memory allocated to the onboard graphics card to 64MB. I have been running Lion with the onboard graphics maxed out at 482MB which shows up as 512 in system profiler. The Windows forums say that this is only for the initial boot phase, and that Win 7 makes us of the graphics memory as needed when it boots. My question is, do I have to set the memory high in the bios for Lion or does it manage memory in the same way that Win 7 does (perhaps explaining the 512MB of memory displayed in system profiler) ? If not, then I guess I'll have to swith between bios settings everytime I want to dual-boot? pato
  7. Copy/Delete File Freeze

    same here, massive lag when copying files. Finder doesn't hang, but the progress bar seems to display copied data in large chunks. old SL install on EP45-UD3P with cartri bios showed no such trouble. any ideas people?
  8. As you weren't very specific about which method it was you used, I'll explain what I did because it worked for me. download 10.7.2 combo updater from Apple download Chameleon Wizard, and then install latest version of Chameleon (v1618 was the one I used.) download boot_for_10.7.2_and_icloud.zip and copy the boot file into your HD's root directory (the one with Users, Extras, Applications, System, etc.) open Terminal and issue this command "sudo chmod 755 /boot" then this one "sudo chown root:wheel /boot" next, either dl & open KextWizard; repair permissions and rebuild caches (or search for the Terminal commands to do so) then copy AppleHDA.kext (assuming you have audio working) and anything else that you've added to S/L/E to desktop for post-installation Finally, apply 10.7.2 update, reboot, pray to <DEITY HERE> ... and hopefully voi la! alternatively, you could enter verbose mode (down arrow key when it shows the HD on GUI boot) and jot down the offending kext. __________________________________ running 10.7.2 very nicely on ud3l/e8400
  9. 10.5.8 System Profiler Fix

    didn't do diddly for me. shows my E8400 at 2.6GHz and it's actually a 3.0GHz and no change in the sackafrassin' audio hardware either (although maybe it wasn't supposed to) guess it was worth a try
  10. I have the blueray version of the ION 330 (330HT-BD). When I try to install 1.50d bios it is not recognized. The installed BIOS (1.10) doesn't offer me the USB choices you show. Otherwise followed your instructions to the letter (10.5>10.5.6 (saved kernel & kexts)>10.5.8 (copied kernel & kexts back over), the installed the chameleon package.) Remember to chown+chmod those kexts, kiddies! It boots now with MT. Only thing left to do is sort out the sound. THNX!!! ========= mobo Rev. G/A 1.02 / ALC890
  11. iWOW for Hackmac?

    My audio, ACL888, works and I have control in SysPrefs but it doesn't show up in SystemProfiler? Can I fool it into thinking it's there?
  12. iwork borked?

    Since the recent iWork 09 update, it starts fine but the documents that I create or open are just blank. I can even copy and paste text into TextEdit, i.e. it's there but I can't see it. Any ideas? pato
  13. i am running a boot-132 kalyway setup with 10.5.6 and wanted to try efi-strings as I was having some issues with screen artifacts in my nvinject enabled system (7200GS - chosen for silence) Long story short, couldn't coax anything more than 1280xsomething out of my 1680x1050 screen with boot.plist strings, so I decided to go back to the nvinject solution (using spaces always took care of the artifacts anyway.) I deleted the efi string, and then re-added the backed up graphics drivers and nvinject and I'll be damned if I can get it to boot into anything but 1024x768... that is unless I safe boot, in which case I get full, beautiful 1680x1050. Somebody please help out a brother before I pull all of my hair out and start on the chest, armpits, etc. pb
  14. iTunes 8.0 crashes

    having the same problem - a downgrade to 7.x yields same result. Log output similar to one in thread. Not exactly a n00b, but could someone please explain what I could try to fix this. Songbird is cool - just the fact that there is an alternative - but it's hardly the same. thanx
  15. iTunes Crashes

    try songbird