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Dell Mini 9 and OS X Leopard

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Hi I'm considering getting a Netbook because I'm soon start going to life cast which means attaching a camera on my bag and carry around a Laptop. I have a 17'' MacBook Pro which is nice and for most places: Restruants,Car,Coffee shops etc. However when I'm in shopping centers,parks etc I need a light weight small Laptop to lug around and was looking at the Dell Mini 9. It starts from €279 which is perfect but I got some Questions.


I want to install OS X Leopard on it prob the Netbook version for Wind etc you can find on some sources as TPB etc and was wondering if I could install it on a 4GB Drive.


Also I have a 250GB WD External Drive that has a 10GB Partition for some Transfer {censored}. In disk utility if I make Leopard like a DVD disk image using Disk Utility and the restore utility could I use that to install On the Mini and I have a 1GB flash drive because I know you need some other files. Could I strip down Leopard to a Min 4GB drive?

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