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  1. Hello. I since came back once again and this time to install OS 10 on my Abit in9 32max wi-fi nforce 680i SLI motherboard and was wondering how do i do it in an easy process. if it does involve boot 132 can anyone type me a guide because snow leopard is totally different than leopard or did iAtkos or iDeneb make a 10.6 distribution. Thanks
  2. GeekofComputers

    Dell Mini 9 and OS X Leopard

  3. GeekofComputers

    Dell Mini 9 and OS X Leopard

    Hi I'm considering getting a Netbook because I'm soon start going to life cast which means attaching a camera on my bag and carry around a Laptop. I have a 17'' MacBook Pro which is nice and for most places: Restruants,Car,Coffee shops etc. However when I'm in shopping centers,parks etc I need a light weight small Laptop to lug around and was looking at the Dell Mini 9. It starts from €279 which is perfect but I got some Questions. I want to install OS X Leopard on it prob the Netbook version for Wind etc you can find on some sources as TPB etc and was wondering if I could install it on a 4GB Drive. Also I have a 250GB WD External Drive that has a 10GB Partition for some Transfer {censored}. In disk utility if I make Leopard like a DVD disk image using Disk Utility and the restore utility could I use that to install On the Mini and I have a 1GB flash drive because I know you need some other files. Could I strip down Leopard to a Min 4GB drive?
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    Installing Vista via Vmware 2.0 Fusion problem

    Yes I have 4GB of DDR2 800MHz Memory and It's now running iDeneb10.5.5
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    Psystar wins legal round against Apple

    Well if Phystar wins Apple doesn't have to make drivers for computers other than theirs. And on their website they can specifically post: Apple only supports OS X on a Mac. Otherwise it might be time to go back to the PPC chipset
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    Apple releases new 17" MacBook Pro

    Totally! I'm in love with it. But If the person wont buy it I wont be able to get one unless I save up for it and that could mean christmas 2010 or 2011
  7. GeekofComputers

    Apple releases new 17" MacBook Pro

    I emailed someone on the buy and sell for my 2.5GHz Feb 2008 Edition MBP so it should be interesting. I asked for €2,229 as confirmation is coming up soon which means lots of money.
  8. Woo! If they win Apple will stop Snow leopard builds and drop support for intel and give the customers who bought their macs in 2008 the PPC version of them
  9. I came back in to the x86 business and I downloaded iDeneb which came with 10.5.4 and installed with a 9.2 Sleep Netkas Kernel and 800MHz SMBIOS but everytime I try to install vista Vmware I get the kernel panic at bootup of cd installation
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    Apple Sues Psystar for Copyright Infringement

    Ditto. Apple Mac OS Should be only made for Apple.
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    Getting a Macbook Pro

    Or click log in as then type your username and password you can see the files and folders but can't write to them unless you make a sharing network folder.
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    Faulty macbook pro hinge

    the coverage is in here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...95&tstart=0
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    Will you still buy the real deal?

    I got myself the real deal. New 2.5GHz 17'' MacBook Pro But No - To Do you use hackintosh as primary PC : I use my MacBook Pro Yes - To Would you buy a real Macintosh over a Hackintosh? - Did that Yes - To If you would buy the real thing, would you still use a Hackintosh? - Yes. Every day. Got new speakers for it so I stream my itunes libary from my network to that.
  14. GeekofComputers

    Making Leopard look like tiger

    GO TO ROLLCAGE post.