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Finder. bus error - only on RAID volume (soft)


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I have had this problem for quite a while now, and have just re-installed OS X, now running iDeneb 4 (10.5.6). And even on a clean install, whenever I open a Finder window for the two-disk striped raid, Finder just crashes and the window closes.icd


On my previous install I also rebuilt the Array with no luck.


I have tried deleting the finder.plist which did not help.


What I just discovered now, is that Finder only crashes in the two detailed views, that is the views that display date, filesize etc. I cannot see anything obviously wrong with the details of the folders or their permissions...


Anybody have any ideas what might be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated :rolleyes:



MSI P35 Platinum/Core2 Quad 2,8/8GB RAM/2 Seagate 1TB Drives in striped RAID (the problem)

WD Velociraptor as system drive


I also just found out that these two drives were both affected by the Seagate firmware-mess in January, but just updated the firmwares, and it does not seem to have made any difference :/

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