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  1. Finally managed to fix it. Problem was some hidden system(?) files in the directory, making finder crash any time their details were displayed. Weird...
  2. I have had this problem for quite a while now, and have just re-installed OS X, now running iDeneb 4 (10.5.6). And even on a clean install, whenever I open a Finder window for the two-disk striped raid, Finder just crashes and the window closes.icd On my previous install I also rebuilt the Array with no luck. I have tried deleting the finder.plist which did not help. What I just discovered now, is that Finder only crashes in the two detailed views, that is the views that display date, filesize etc. I cannot see anything obviously wrong with the details of the folders or their permissions... Anybody have any ideas what might be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated Specs MSI P35 Platinum/Core2 Quad 2,8/8GB RAM/2 Seagate 1TB Drives in striped RAID (the problem) WD Velociraptor as system drive I also just found out that these two drives were both affected by the Seagate firmware-mess in January, but just updated the firmwares, and it does not seem to have made any difference :/
  3. Hi. Installs fine on my MSI P35 Neo2FR (modded BIOS). Seems a lot faster than Leo4all, so thanks! However, I seem to be having some problems with eSATA devices, which are not being mounted (unless connected at startup), nor listed in disk utility. Though when I connected an unformatted drive through eSATA, I was prompted to initialize this. Shouldn't OS X also discover formatted eSATA drives? USB works fine... I also suspect there is something wrong with firewire. I have had an Apogee duet device connected here, which seems to cause a lot of unresponsive apps (especially system config). Is there some other kext I should try installing? Any help will be greatly appreciated! :censored2:
  4. Marvell 88SE6111

    I have the same problem with my MSI P35 Platinum board; DVD-ROM connected to Marvell 88SE6111 controller by SATA (all primary-controller SATA ports occupied by HDs ) Tried installing the Kext by Giorgio with no success, just seemed to halt startup for quite a while but still no drives showing. The ones linked by podarok gave me instant errors upon install, something like "can't be used" dialogue displayed after copying and subsequent reboots. Will I have to fork out for a Highpoint RAID card?
  5. Thanks! Wow, I see they have OS X drivers available at http://www.hptmac.com/ Should have done more research before investing in the Adaptec card, but I guess I'll return it and get Highpoint instead
  6. Hi. I was hoping I could get my Adaptec 1430SA RAID card working in OS X, currently running Leo4all 10.5.4 Can't seem to find any drivers for this card, and was hoping someone could please help get this working. The card uses a Marvell chip, 88SX7042. Booting from the card is not a necessity, as I only need it for a simple RAID stripe. Any solution would be greatly appreciated If this is a hopeless case, could anybody please point me in the right direction of an inexpensive RAID card to serve my purpose? Thanks!
  7. ALC888 on GA-P35-DS3L

    Great stuff man! Audio suddenly stopped working on my EP35-DS3L (Leo4All), but using this guide got it working again Thanks!
  8. [ Driver ] : X19x0 series All ID 10.5.4

    Thanks! Finally got it working use Kext Helper in Leo4allv5 Was having problems before with black menus, garbled text etc. But now everything seems to be perfect! Big up! Card: Sapphire 1950XT Platform: MSI P35 Neo2-FR / C2DE (2.4G, can't remember what it's called)