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"Waiting on Root Device" error when booting

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Hello everyone,


My first post here, but been a lurking for awhile. I am hoping someone can help me out here with a problem that I am having when I try to boot up in to OS X. I turned -v on when booting to make sure that I am able to see what is happening. Error normally appears with Failed to initialize uim then waiting on root device. I disabled USB Legacy in my BIOS and then restarted and was able to get passed that but it then came up with waiting on root devices once again.


I am pretty sure I selected everything correctly under customize options before install. I am using a Asus P4P800-SE Motherboard with Intel P4 2.6 GHZ with standard 1gb of Standard Kingston Ram. I am using Sata to connect harddrives & dvd-rom. My video card is Radeon 9600 256MB AGP 8x. I know old equipement but until I rebuild, I am stuck with it.


Hopefully someone can help me.


Thanks a bunch!

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I'm no expert here, but check your BIOS settings....


Make sure your SATA controller isn't set to SATA or RAID, but AHCI. My understanding is that OSX doesn't support IDE emulation.


Hope this solves your problem.

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Hi Mate,


Not sure if this helps, but you might want to try booting with -f if there is kext dependency problem.


Another thing you can check is how you connected your drives.


Quite often you need to plug the hard disk into the first port first.


ie with PATA you need to make sure that you have a master device.


If you have no primary, only secondary plugged in then it may be reason for no boot.


Please check this in the bios and or open up your pc case (power off from mains please!)


Please be aware, with pata you need to have devices set to master or slave.


Also with sata, is the device connected to the fist port or a different one?


Please check this and let me know how you get on.


I understand you are using sata on a desktop but maybe this info is helpful for others anyway


If you have a laptop then you may not have the option to alter the drive arrangements.


Newer laptops with use sata not pata anyway so this is not really an issue.


Good luck!


HC :(


ps the advice about ahci is probably the fix you need!

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