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iDeneb ThinkCentre A51p


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So I've been having some problems with booting iDeneb v1.4 onto my computer. After installation, the computer just seems to restart after it tells me that it's booting up "Darwin/OSx86".


I have installed iDeneb with the following:

  • ICHx Chipset driver

I'm not sure if I have this chipset but I have also tried installing it with nothing added. I'm also not sure of which video driver to install since there are many X1650 drivers.


Here are my system specs.


Company: IBM

Product: ThinkCentre A51p 8423-25U

Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 530 with HT Technology(SSE2, SSE3)

RAM: 2.5GB


Video Card: ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB PCI-E

Ethernet: Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet

Sound: Analog Devices SoundMax Audio Device


I'm dual booting with Windows XP Professional. Also I was able to boot into Windows after I installed iDeneb. I tried to installl iDeneb on a 10GB partition using the Mac OSX Extended(Journaled).


Also I wouldn't know where to find what chipset driver I'm suppose to install.


Please HELP!! :wacko:

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