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  1. Thank you, I'll test it right away
  2. I have no issues like these in ML. However I'm using kext version 1.3.17
  3. Sleep is working now, I think it was because I forgot to disable hibernate mode (pmset -a hibernatemode 0). Can anyone confirm this?
  4. No luck… Also when it sleeps the only way I can wake it is by pressing the power button, then black screen again, i hear the system fan. Then after restarting it I have to reset the bios settings (also with AppleRTC).
  5. Thanks, I'll test with the darkwake flag
  6. DarwinX, is sleep working for you? My M1530 goes to sleep but then it doesn't wake, black screen. I have to force shutdown and when I boot up I have to reset the settings in the bios (would modded AppleRTC help in that case?)
  7. Thanks, I'm going to test if jumbo frames work again later
  8. I thought polling was lowering CPU usage, I can enable it with FreeBSD (drivers must support it), I don't know if you can enable it also on OSX, maybe it's just related to FreeBSD?
  9. 1.9.5 works for me but I can't use anything above 4000 mtu. If I do I lose connection (but the interface is still up) after a short while and nothing works until i up it manually. 1.3.7 was working fine instead. Also, is there a way to enable polling? Thanks!
  10. About my kernel panic, that was a weird issue if you recall. Anyway could it be a conflict with USB? I actually tried to remove my usb keyboard when booting at it was booting fine! When it was connected instead I had the panic again at first boot. Now I moved it on another port and no panics so far
  11. DarwinX, does sleep work for you with Lion?
  12. xbb

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi MaLd0n, thanks for your great app! Please update M1530 patches Had random freezing problems, latest patches solves them.
  13. Thank you, my error. I was using the autopatcher from MaLd0n, I just noticed that it was not updated with the latest patches from here. I will inform him.
  14. I have a Dell M1530 and the system randomly freeze (had freeze also during install) with Lion. Do I have to revert back to Snow Leopard IOPCIFamily IO80211Family and AppleACPIPlatform kexts?
  15. Can I install from my current Snow Leopard installation to a new hard disk, then install chameleon? I have done that to install SL. I'm planning to buy a SSD so that's the right time I guess to move to Lion and clean installation.