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iATKOS 10.5.5 > 10.5.6


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Hello, I'm new to this whole OSX86 project thing, My question could be a kinda stupid but please help me because if I don't ask I know i'll never learn!


So I downloaded iATKOS 5i and I installed it, everything worked except for my wireless card (AR5007EG) I've already found a guide to install it, however, I had to first update my 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 and use it's kernel. But when I downloaded the installation file from apple's website, I double clicked it right away and when it restarted my keyboard/mouse (which run on PS/2) where NOT working, so can someone please tell me how to install it the right way? ..Also, I read somewhere that I need to first be using Vanilla Kernel, can someone please tell me to switch to that? I'm already running PVI V9 (or w/e it's called, it's just NOT chameleon)


Thanks In Advance =)


PS: in customize screen, i choose "Kernel ToH"


nvm solution solved, if anyone has the same check this link..



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