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Extensa 5620. OSX86 No network VMWare XP SP3

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My problem:


got OSX running on my Acer Extensa 5620!

Only a few more things:

- MOST IMPORTANT: I would like to have my ethernet running. It's a Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet card.


next step audio, webcam, ..


I thought I would be clever and install XP under VMware as a guest. Thinking if the guest would connect to the internet, i could bridge it to OSx. Basically having both OS's running at the same time. But who cares for the moment.

UNLESS there is a kext (driver?) for this network card -or a solution.

Have searched the entire forum and internet for a solution for above problems. They all seem to be from 2008 and with no working links or other solution.

Both OS's ive tried a couple of topics which ultimately led me to: "network cable unplugged"


Oh.. iPC_OSx86_10_5_6_Universal_PPF5_Final


O loards of the Insanely Mac Forrums please assist me ;)



My notebook:




Please let me know if you need more information




Yeah yeah.. got it..

of course virtual machine will take the drivers of host.. so if host is not connected, no bridging.. right?

Been searching for many days.. And no answer for my ethernet problem

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