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Got 10.4 Working On Dell, Just need some last help

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I've been asked to write a small article on OSX running on standard PC hardware. The test machines are Dell Dimension 9100. The specs are:


3.60Ghz P4 w/HT


ATI X600 256Mb

2 internal SATA HDD

1 External USB HDD (this is the one we will be using)

Intel Pro/100 VE Network connection

Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS.


I have installed OSX 10.4 on the external HDD and it boots up just fine. However I have three problems right now.


The first one is that my built in Intel Pro/100 VE Network ethernet connection (which leads to the router) does not work. So I have no internet.


Secondly I have no sound. Nothing at all :-(


Lastly, and this is the least important problem, OSX will not let me change the resolution of my desktop. It stays at 1024x768 when I need 1280x1024.


So, just three problems to overcome before having a perfect install of OSX. I'm sure there is guides to fix these problems, but I can't seem to find any or the ones I come across are extremely complicated. I was very much hoping some one here could point me in the right direction or help me directly.




PS, I hope this is the correct forum section to have posted in. I had a good search though them all first before posting and couldn't find anything too relevant (each search brings up 100+ results :-()

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The networking thing is always hit or miss. My laptop (Inspirion 6000) worked for the first 2 boots then the network wouldn't enable itself. It fixed itself when I upgraded to 10.4.6.


Sound, my sound worked fine, but I know that there are problems with Creative cards and while some patches exist, you'd have to search to see if one exists for your card.


Resolution is fixable by installing Koverg's ATI patch (search ATI patch) and then editting your bootlist file.




First I'd recommend upgrading to 10.4.6.

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