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  1. Toshiba netbook section

    Hi all, I looked for and couldn't find a dedicated section for Toshiba netbooks (NB100, NB200, NB205, etc) I would like to start such a section. Who do I need to talk with?
  2. I just purchased a Toshiba NB205 and I am trying to get 10.6.2 on it. I get kernel panics while launching via the USB drive... Has anyone been successful in doing this and would you mind sharing some details/links with me? Thanks
  3. This is awesome stuff. I am getting kernel panics at boot from the USB install on the NB205 (I have removed the kext based on instructions). Can someone who has installed this on their NB205 successfully please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Has anyone tried this and been successful with using the Snow Leopard upgrade DVD?
  5. Boot times for me seem to be affected by whether I am on battery power or AC power. It is much faster on AC power. Battery power continues to take a long time. Shut down times are normally fast.
  6. With all the issues mentioned above can you honestly say that this is a good choice?
  7. boot in verbose mode and let us know what messages you get (i.e. when the harddrive stops) Also tell us what system you are running. More details equals better help.
  8. Weird hang during boot

    Do I need to figure out what my device ID for my PCMCIA slot is to get this working?
  9. Kalyway Leopard stops during installation

    Mine did the same thing. It will sit there for a while (minutes...) and then continue. Be patient.
  10. Has anyone tried and successfully gotten the official 10.5.2 kalyway install to work?
  11. Dell 700m People ...

    Hi JoTie Yes I also experience slow boots when booting from battery power. Has something to do with the fact that the processors in our 700m machines have speedstepping without anyway to turn it off from the bios. I had this same problem in 10.4.5 but solved it with a speedstepping kext. I have been looking for a kext that works for LEO to solve this problem. I haven't experienced the laptop running slow after boot up with the power connected. When you say "for quite sometime" how long is a long time? Let me know if you solve this issue, or where you are in solving it.
  12. Your hackintosh bios is set to boot from USB before booting from harddrive, disk(CD/DVD) etc. move the usb boot sequence below these and you should be fine.
  13. Can Leopard install on Dell 700m

  14. What exactly did you do with Speedstep? My laptop (dell Inspiron 700m) does not have any settings in the bios to turn off/on speedstep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Anyone find a solution for this problem?