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Really need help, iATKOS 'can't read disk' and drive 0 isn't bootable! :O

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Hi I posted another topic somewhere, but now I have a big problem, I was trying to instal iATKOS v5i originally, it installed, then I got boot0: error but I opened terminal and used fdisk to make my 3rd partition (vista) boot back just so I knew I was safe, bla bla that worked, but I still wanted to get iATKOS to work, bla bla bla, it successfully does it, but I get "Diskette 0 boot error" or something like that, and when I try to install iATKOS v5i, it gets to the install, then says your disk could not be read, plz clean and restart :S


I'm now on handy Ubuntu writing this, I don't get the diskette boot error now, but I just get a flashing "_" at the top of the screen doing what appears to be nothing at all.


I really need some help, pleaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee! <3




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