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  1. Right, tried a different kernal, chose the bottom one instead of the top one, still got kernal panic! HELLLPPPP!
  2. Lol thanks for reply! What kernal should I use? I have a dell vostro 200 with 2GB RAM, 2GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 or something like that! I have just booted from CD, it takes ages to load the installer! :/
  3. Hi there Just installed iDeneb 1.4, it seemed to have worked fine, installed everything fine, with VooDoo kernal 9.5.0 (I think), and it succeeded, but on my first boot, i tried just hitting enter without F8, it came up with the Apple logo with a square, with a circle with a cross going trough it just covering the leaf bit on the Apple sign, I rebooted as it stayed like that for ages, I booted with F8 > -f > same thing happened! Anyone know what I should do? Thanks Ok heres a screenie, taken off the iSight of my MacBook so may not be very good!
  4. Hi I posted another topic somewhere, but now I have a big problem, I was trying to instal iATKOS v5i originally, it installed, then I got boot0: error but I opened terminal and used fdisk to make my 3rd partition (vista) boot back just so I knew I was safe, bla bla that worked, but I still wanted to get iATKOS to work, bla bla bla, it successfully does it, but I get "Diskette 0 boot error" or something like that, and when I try to install iATKOS v5i, it gets to the install, then says your disk could not be read, plz clean and restart :S I'm now on handy Ubuntu writing this, I don't get the diskette boot error now, but I just get a flashing "_" at the top of the screen doing what appears to be nothing at all. I really need some help, pleaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee! <3 Thanks Bassy
  5. Thanks i will try that. One prblem though.. Where do i find gparted? :L btw now i always get an error saying "diskette 0 error"or something:S OK, Found GParted... Deleted the Mac OS X partition, but its going to take 3 hours to write 443.19GB to 455.71GB :S After that, what do I do? Whenever I put the iAtkos install DVD in, it loads for about 2 - 3 minutes then gives me a prompt to restart! I think I have messed up my computer :'(
  6. Bump! This is a really big problem for me can anyone help just get my vista back? Thanks.
  7. Hi there, I have been spending most of my free time yesterday AND today trying to get iAtkos v5i to WORK on my Dell Vostro 200, it says "Succeeded to install" etc at the end of the install, but when It restarts (and of course after I have taken out the DVD) it just says "boot1: error", I though "Ehh, this isn't gunna work" after sevreral attempts, so i opened the DVD installer again and opened Terminal, types the following. diskutil list > fdisk -e /dev/disk0 > p > f 3 > write > exit to hopefully get it back to my old setup with Vista and Linux and it worked, but I get to the multiboot bit, press enter at 'Microsoft Windows Vista' etc, then it just acts like nothing happened, the computer makes an old fashioned "beep" noise, and goes back to the dell splash screen :S I thought ok, ok, ok just put the Vista recovery disk in, pressed F12 at the dell splash screen, booted from CD rom, then it gets to a black screen just saying "Boot from CD:" I tried waiting for it, but It could happily stay like that for days :L - So i dug out my old Ubuntu CD, booted from that and here I am. I want to get back to my Vista setup, but if you can sort out my iAtkos problem, then I would be reaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy grateful :L.. btw, i saw another thread how to do that stuff in terminal, so please don't redirect me to that, I had to visit it on my iPhone because I don't have another accessable computer :\ ... thanks
  8. What script do you use? I swear I saw IPB somewhere on here, but yeah, anyway. I really like this site
  9. iATKOS in VMware.

    Right, I managed to get iATKOS V5 on VMware, with F8, -v, and now I'm just stuck on this screen on iATKOS, it's been like this for about 10 minutes, the cursor is moving round like it should, but is it actually doing something? Or is it just sitting there doing nothing. Right, I restarted it, did F8 > -x, and it went to the grey apple loading screen, I thought yay we're in business, then it goes staright back to that screen up there -___-
  10. iATKOS?

    It works with other discs like 700MB CD's, I put one of those in and it recognised it fine.
  11. iATKOS?

    Not sure is this is the right section, or even the right website! but.. I downloaded iATKOS v5, and attempted to burn to a 4.7GB DVD. It told me in the PDF to burn at x4 speed, and once i had started the process of burning in Roxio, I realised that and cancelled the project, then it said the disc was 575kb or something, tried to format it, and said it was protected. Got another DVD, put in the computer, and Roxio says the file is 2GB over when it should have 1.7GB free. In Computer, when I right click on the CD/DVD drive, it goes on the little blue circle thing (vista time glass) and then freezes, then explorer crashes, and ends up n me having to reboot. So it will no longer work with DVD's. DVD's just dont work now. :/ Well I was determines anyway, so I downloaded MagicISO and mounted it to a virtual disc, but I don't know how to boot off it. Any help would be great, thanks. And please don't say things like "ahh you shouldn't have tried your obviously a n00b" and stuff like that, not interested in that...