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Strange USB Behavior, New iDeneb 1.3 install


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So I installed iDeneb 1.3 on an Intel DG45ID mobo with a Core2Duo 7400 and 4 gb of ram


Used the Intel82566MM kext for teh Lan card. No video support, but will be upgrading to new card soon.


Here's my thing:


USB ports work, then don't work. and only for certain devices.


Logitech USB Mouse and Keyboard work fine, but if I unplug them for any reason, forget it, they won't reconnect unless I reboot.


Kiki-Joy PSX-USB joypad adapter works, same as above.


Sandisk USB card reader - nothing


USB pen drives don't work.


Maxtor 500GB USB external HD - doesn't work.



Is there something I can do to get the USB stuff working permanently, and make it hot-swapping?

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Nevermind. Figured it out, it needed Legacy USB turned off in the Mainboard BIOS.


Now USB devices all seem to work properly! Only problem with this - once the system goes into a boot routine for either OS (Vista or Mac Osx) keyboard and mouse don't work until eitehr OS loads, so if I want to enable boot options like Safe Mode, I can't - Unless I turn Legacy USB on the MB back on.


That's kinda dumb.


Anyway - now onto Audio!!!!

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