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Medion Video Grabber (from ALDI) working


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I know most of you do not know what this medion thingy actually is since it was only popular in germany.


However it uses the TM5600 chip which can be found in many popular USB analog TV sticks.


The story:

I wanted to digitalize some old VHS tapes on my (h)Mac. I had the Medion Video Grabber from the German Aldi which I never used, so I thought I should give it a try. I already had EyeTV software for my DVBT USB stick, of which i knew it supported several TV cards and dongles. This worked almost perfectly concernig video. The Dongle was recognized as Miglia TV micro, so the software wanted to search for some Tv channels. After it didn't find anything (offcourse, since the dongle needed an input) i connected the dongle to my Video recorder put in a tape and voila after pushing the play button I had video.

At this point I need to mention that the grabber does not have an audio input, just s-video or chinch. So i connected my video recorders audio out to line-in on my mac. I had to download the free LineIn software to pass the sound through from line-in to my speakers. This worked beautifully.


Now for the problem.

How the hell am I supposed to record this stuff?

EyeTV records the video, but it gives me no option of changing the audio source (why should it?! it thinks i have a tv tuner.)

All other programs i tried (macam, iMovie, VideoGrabber,) do not have the USB dongle as a video input.

The only plausible solution, which i am going to pursue if no one will help me, is screenrecorder2. It records what you see on your screen with a very acceptable quality and you can choose the audio input. But it costs :-). The shareware version imprints a big nasty "Demo Version" text right in the middle of your recording.

Summing up:

Medion Video Graber + EyeTV + LineIn work nicely for viewing video tapes, or whatever other analog input, but that is not really my point. I want to record.


Is there really no other way, than to capture the screen while watching?

Please help.

My system is Vanilla.

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