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  1. I finally found a solution. After trying everything, Disk utility (on safeboot, on install disk, on another mac) DiskWarrior (on safeboot, on bootdvd, on anothert mac) fsck (even advanced options) pram reset smc reset etc. in all possible configuration, by even removing the disk from the unibody case and attaching it via USB to another mac. I finally found a solution. These failures are always due to faulty BIOS settings or faulty kexts on OSX86. But since I am on a MacbookPRO, there is no BIOS. Long speech short Replace IOStorageFamily.kext in /System/Library/Extensions with one from a working mac, or from the installation disc using Pacifist, or whichever way you prefere. Fix permissions and ownership, repair permissions with discutility. Remove caches. And you are good to go. I can imagine that sometimes other kexts may be the faulty ones. In such cases it is always good to analize verbose mode first. This is how I managed to fix my problem without having to reinstall.
  2. Recently I had a weird problem with my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard 10.6.6. "Still waiting for root device" - Apple NO sign. After doing the obvious (Disk utility via install disk -> fix permissions; PRAM reset; SMC reset; reblessing efiboot) I was left with DiskWarrior 4.2 Bootable DVD. Unfotunately it was giving me a Kernel Panic each time I tried to boot it. Now for some of you this might be obvious but, since I haven't found any real sollution to this anywhere I decided to contribute a bit. You will need another mac. SHORT: Check in verbose mode which kext is causing the kernel panic and remove it from the disc image before burning DiskWarrior again. LONG: 1. Boot DiskWarrior in verbose mode: Hold alt (option) on boot chime until you see the boot manager. Put in the DiskWarrior DVD and wait for it to appear. Now hold apple (command) and "v" simultaneosly while hitting enter on DiskWarrior. 2. Analyse the KernelPanic: You will see a lot of messages across the screen but you are looking for one in particular (once it stopped moving). The one which indicates which kext caused the Panic (in my case AppleHDA). 3. Make the DiskWarrior disk image writeable: use DiskUtility (obviously on another mac, or use another program to edit dmgs') to convert the dmg to "read/write". 4. Remove the faulty kext: mount the DiskWarriorDVD. Use terminal to navigate to /Volumes/DiskWarriorDVD/System/Library/Extensions/ type: sudo rm -R kextname (eg. sudo rm -R AppleHDA.kext) type in password and hit enter. 5. Unmount DiskWarrior, burn the dvd and boot (preferably in verbose mode again). Now, this did not solve my "still waiting..." problem, but now I have a working DiskWarriorDVD. Disk Warrior solved some of the (alleged) problems it found, but besides, everything seems the same. If someone could help me with this, thanks in advance.
  3. I know most of you do not know what this medion thingy actually is since it was only popular in germany. However it uses the TM5600 chip which can be found in many popular USB analog TV sticks. The story: I wanted to digitalize some old VHS tapes on my (h)Mac. I had the Medion Video Grabber from the German Aldi which I never used, so I thought I should give it a try. I already had EyeTV software for my DVBT USB stick, of which i knew it supported several TV cards and dongles. This worked almost perfectly concernig video. The Dongle was recognized as Miglia TV micro, so the software wanted to search for some Tv channels. After it didn't find anything (offcourse, since the dongle needed an input) i connected the dongle to my Video recorder put in a tape and voila after pushing the play button I had video. At this point I need to mention that the grabber does not have an audio input, just s-video or chinch. So i connected my video recorders audio out to line-in on my mac. I had to download the free LineIn software to pass the sound through from line-in to my speakers. This worked beautifully. Now for the problem. How the hell am I supposed to record this stuff? EyeTV records the video, but it gives me no option of changing the audio source (why should it?! it thinks i have a tv tuner.) All other programs i tried (macam, iMovie, VideoGrabber,) do not have the USB dongle as a video input. The only plausible solution, which i am going to pursue if no one will help me, is screenrecorder2. It records what you see on your screen with a very acceptable quality and you can choose the audio input. But it costs :-). The shareware version imprints a big nasty "Demo Version" text right in the middle of your recording. Summing up: Medion Video Graber + EyeTV + LineIn work nicely for viewing video tapes, or whatever other analog input, but that is not really my point. I want to record. Is there really no other way, than to capture the screen while watching? Please help. My system is Vanilla.
  4. I'm so happy i just couldn't refuse to start this new topic. Its my first one so don't be mean :censored2: Some of you will be dissapointed. This has nothing to do with modding your real G3 Hardware or changing PPC into Intel . I had my old iMac G3 green case laying around so I thought "why not pimp my G3 into something usefull". This is what came out of this crazy idea: Here we go (all of this can bes seen in the photos attached) 1. Almost nothing from the old Mac was worth keeping except the case and maybe the fan. i even changed the speakers. So the original hardware landed in the trash, all of it, i just kept the metal bottom plate 2.I had to adjust the power unit in order to make it fit. 3. LG Flatron 15 inch display had to lose a lot of weight . 3.Then a lot of hot glue, plastic straps, a drill, a bunch of extension cords. One for VGA D-SUB, 4 for USB, 2 for PS2, one for RJ45 to be precise. and finally i had my iMac done I had to do a lot of soldering because: screen, speakers and motherboard had to be powered by one cable. The power on button had to be soldered so it works like in the original iMac. I even attaches a little red led light to indicate HDD working. Now for the cool part: My "iMac" has a built in camera (Logitech quickcam web via macam), a built in microphone (simply glued to the original microphone hole and attached to the motherboard), and a built in Wireless Lan USB dongle iPC 10.5.6 ppf5 made all this possible. The specs: Mobo: G31M-ES2L CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad (Vanilla Kernel - all cores working) GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT (Working wonderfully, both displays, all connectors (DVI, D-SUB, S-VIDEO), EFI-String, QE/CI no issue :-) offcourse) Wifi: Zydas USB Dongle (its a pitty but i will work on that :angry2: ) HD: Sata 300 GB Audio: ALC 883 7.1 (unfortunately this one required some work (no input device, just output), but thanks to insanelymac i figured how to make it work like a charm) Ethernet: Realtek 3111 (workes with no issues) Everything vanilla sky. Deep sleep working with no glitches what so ever. I have to admit that i had to apply one patch - shutdown/reboot patch. :censored2: . So this is it. Me showing of like ma madman . Hope this will encourage you to not only make your system like Apple but also your case like it should be so it feels like a real mac (even if its G3). Wish everyone fun with viewing the shots i made.

    Hi, I just realized that a very convenient way of getting back darwin after whatever is having an OSX release, which gives you the possibility to install only the bootloader. This won't affect your installation it will only install the darwin bootloader freshly. Thanks to that you needn't have to worry about commamds, terminal and stuff. Such releases are usually provided by uphuck or for leopard iatkos. Hope it helps some, and that my info is not already yesterdays snow :-)
  6. what about paris hilton? Heard she was the "Brand" with most impact on people.
  7. Slow performance detected!

    All you guys should have a look at your activity monitor (check "all processes"). There is a kernel task issue. The process eats all CPU. try searching for it around the forums, cause your descriptions seem like fitting to this problem. It can be cured :-) But this is connected only to actions on the HDD (writing/reading to/from hard disk causes system slowdown to absurdity). I have generally slow performence compared to Tiger and other distros of Leopard and Windows (currently running Iatkos 10.5.1). Everything works but very slowly, while read/write speeds are ok. Any ideas what to look for before giving up on Iatkos? Can it be related to wireless (zydas 1211) recently installed? Thanks in advance here some specs: Nvidia Gforce 6200 PCI Intel Pentium 4 3.07 Ghz
  8. LinkSys WMP54G can't reconnect

    how did you make it work at all? i was looking through the forum for a couple of days now and all i found out is that there are drivers for rt61 (my card: D-link dwl-g510 v.C) from ralinktech website, BUT, these are only PPC (sais macgirl; seems to be right). i tried almost all of them anyway. Always keeping in mind to first uninstall the previous one, repair permissions, rebuild the cache etc. i'm running on Iatkos 10.5.1 thanks for any help
  9. Hi folks! Haven't written for a long time, but reading is what i do regularly :-) This is what i found out. (probably obvious to many) 1. If you get a cursor and blue/grey background after install you can use the DVD to boot, setting the root directory to your Leopard partition: (f8) rd=diskxsx (eg: rd=disk1s1 in my case). This loads the kernel from the DVD (i guess) but boots the system on the HD. (according to the post above the blue screen issue might be happening because dual screen loads and does not recognize your screen as main) I couldnt boot kalyways DVD so I used Toh and set the root directory/drive in darwin to my other DVD drive (rd=disk3s2 in my case) with kalyway in order to install. (EFI problem?) 2. no matter what bootloader i used (guid/mbr - ofcourse with propper partitioning) it rebooted after darwin. So I didn't install any of them and used the DVD to boot the system. (EFI problem?) 3. Installing Toh distro still allows to use packages from kalyway on the DVD. This is convenient to install some drivers. Is this a way to upgrade 10.5.0 ToH to Kalyway 10.5.1? 4. Running the script (/usr/misc/script.sh "partition name") from Toh DVD, which is supposed to install darwin, works but with no effect (still no darwin, just the script works). 5. Realized something strange after install: Itunes works great, music is played back, same in movies. BUT system sounds are burby/farty and low fi (as if the speakers were overloaded). Ideas? Question: Does EFI work at all on SSE2 intel pentium 4 3.54 Mhz. Gigabyte 848p? Sometimes I saw EFI loading for a very short moment before reboot. Question: iAtkos distro had the "still waiting for root device" problem no matter if booted directly or via point 1 method. Any suggestions on that? Note: uphuck 10.4.9 worked like a charm for me, and kalyway (without bootloader and with setting point 1) works too. Merry Christmas to all russians ou there! :-)
  10. I have the same problem. I tried to find rosetta somehow via pacifist on Jas 10.4.8, but no luck. It's probably named something else. please help.
  11. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    Don't know why, but for me it helped to delete the AGPGart.kext from the extensions folder. (found that somewhere) cheers
  12. System hangs on blue screen!

    Hi! I realize that this may be already solved on other threads, but for those of you who have nvidia cards (mine GF6200), don't want to look around too long :-), and have the blue screen issue -> try deleting the AGPgart.kext (natit wiki says so in some cases) - don't forget to delete extensions.mkext and extensions.kextcache. This worked wonderful for me. Good luck PS: i used the Jas 10.4.8 PPF1 + PPF2 install DVD
  13. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Ok. I know i'm not an authority here, but i noticed a very bad process in this forum. Most of my problems with the hackintosh were solved only by reading through the threads. After that i simply had to thank somebody. But what I see are threads with 20 or more pages in which 70 - 90 % are repeated posts of people who simply don't bother reading. This is very annoying for people like me who actually read the whole threads, which might help. There is a wonderful thread about the rules, which should be clear without mentioning, but apparently they are not. So please, please read all of it before you post. Try finding a solution elswere. Try to fix your system on your own. This will save a lot of our time. Sorry to put this in here. I know its not the place for slapping people. but i guess somewhere else only a fraction of the commuunity would read it. I really don't want to insult anybody. Anyway Happy new year! E.G. i had the same problem with Itunes, but it was ok after post 41, page 6 i guess. now we are on page 16, while only 3 i think would be necessary.
  14. Odd Mouse Problems

    Ok. I read almost all the topics for homebrew macs, and all of those which had "mouse" in the topic. Here is the problem: Imagine MacOSX would be written in Java. Now imagine the onmouseover function didn't work. This is my problem. In other words, the dock doesn't magnify, the active corners do not work, i cannot use menu's with complicated trees (since you have to wait with the coursor over the menu to go further|). My story: I installed from Jas 10.4.7 sse2 dvd. Then upgraded with Jas 10.4.8 8.8.1 (beta9) kernel. Then I installed Titans kext ( i have nvidia geforce 5200), and edited some kexts (just added the dev id). At this time everything worked well. (QE/CI supported), but after i think second reboot, the moue issue appeared. So I replaced open gl framework, first with the one from te original apple update, then from jas's update. Then I replaced all frameworks (always using pacifist "install to default location"). I'm now trying all the options. but the problem persists. I would really appreciate help. And if there really is another thread about this problem, please excuse me, i really tried to stick to the rules. PS: can't believe how many people don't :censored2:
  15. OS X 10.4.6 Post-Install problems

    I had the same problem. Sudden reboot without any info . I run 10.4.6 with no problems . Then I wanted to jum to 10.4.8 with the install dvd (jas). This is unfortunately in its toddler stages and won't work for me, no mather what I do and how I burn it (file hash was ok, don't forget to check yours). Anyway i suggest that you download the 10.4.7 Jas releas (from demonoid!), which works fine if one knows which patches one should install . I had to reinstall three times myself till it worked. So find out what your hardware is (SSE3 or 2, intel or amd, etc.) and simply adjust the system to your hardware while installing . I wish you a merry X-mac.