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p5w dh 10.5.6

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Upgraded kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 using the dsdt efi chamealian method, worked like a charm I didn't need patches. from 10.5.2 to 10.5.6 using live upate. Just the ticking the osx system files.


Cpu now says unknown 3.8ghz on about this mac

detailed as a mac pro!




160gb 250gb and 500gb sata

2gb gskill 6400hz

ide dvdrw lableflash

nvidia 8800gt


I ran osxtools post install ran the search install drivers and its suggest using the 8800gt driver I have the nvinject drivers 0.20 which work just fine


The q6600 shows as a 3.8mhz unknown but changes the unknown to q6600 although cant change the frequency displayed. still at 3.8.

Its running at 2750mhz as i set it as a manual overclock.


I have sound and usb working not sure about firewire as i have no device to try it out.


osxtools also suggests i change the sound drivers to acl880 from ac97?

do i need to do this my sound output is via a 5.1 system from the single green stereo output on the back pannel.


my main question is do I add more ram will i benifit as i will be using i movie for editing home movies?


also when i shut down it sometimes does not switch off? any help with that rather than a forced re set?



also can i fix the mirror problem on video output I would like dual disply mirror?


ps is there any way of view intalled drivers or tool that will display them?


osxtools also suggests i update my usb drivers i will try to pull a screen shot and post it on here.

I have noted some crackling sounds, in the audio may be a the jack connection.


thanks again for the hard work you guys put into this thread.

enjoying my taste of mac life.



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I am very interest to do this with my system as well. Could you point me to some more info on what dsdt efi chamelian is? I think I can handle the rest but am not sure what that is and can't find a lot on it.


I have Kalaway 10.5.2 but want to upgrade to 10.5.6 so I can get a new graphics card running.

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