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hi everyone,

first of all thanks to all the posters for the helpful info. happy to say my 10.5.6 is up and running :(


but i was wondering how you guys find the stability of the hackintosh


i realize its not designed to run on non mac hardware so crashes can be expected, but i wanted to know how often you get that mac death screen -- being told to hold down power and reset.


btw im running ideneb 1.4, Q6600 on a gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L, 8gigs ram, nvidia 8400gs, audigy 2


any feedback is much appreciated. thx

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Totally, utterly rock solid on both platforms in my sig.


My only problem is shutdown and sleep not working on the P5Q-E.


The P5P800-SE is flawless except the video card being AGP causes it to run at PCI-33 speeds - there's no working AGP driver for the Intel 865 chipset.

But that's only a problem when playing games..and that's what Windows is for.

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