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  1. Maybe an out dated or incompatible ethernet / wireless kext, try and find a newer one. It is a "double panic" so it doesn't really help either...
  2. Was buying this worth it?

    If I am correct, I think the HDD in the iBook is IDE, which may be expensive. And like I said before, if you do buy it, have fun getting the HDD out of it and replaced.
  3. Was buying this worth it?

    First of all, I would say if you want to buy it, do NOT upgrade it. To remove the hard drive there is probably about 50 screws of different sizes and they are for basically the whole computer. The chances of putting it back together the way it was before you took it apart is highly unlikely. Trust me, I've taken two of these apart to check a defective hard drive.
  4. iTunes Preferences just blank

    Patch your CPUID's, look on the forum how to do it. I had the same problem, and after doing that, it's fixed.
  5. Power Problems

    Remove the battery and only have it plugged in. Does it still power off?
  6. Dang KP Help me

    1. Boot in single user mode on your hard drive (Boot parameter: -s) You should get a bash shell soon 2. Enable writing to the disk by executing the 2 commands on the screen (fsck... and mount...) 3. rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooBattery.kext 4. Reboot That might fix the problem. It has something to do with the Voodoo Battery kext I'm pretty sure.
  7. Need help with ATI GPU please

    Boot in -v and post a picture of the Kernel Panic, it will be more useful. Also post your system specifications.
  8. AD2000B and 10.6.2 problem

    I have sound working on my board, but I have quite a few kexts, just install them all... Remove your old kexts that you used to try and get sound to work. AD2000B.zip
  9. 4870 Extend Display Problem

    I couldn't fix the mirroring problem, so I just gave up and I am only using one monitor.
  10. 4870 Extend Display Problem

    It is considered a 4800 series in Windows as well, so I don't think that is the problem.
  11. Are you running an AMD machine? If you are, you can patch it using Marvin's AMD Utility, it should fix the problem by patching your CPUID's.
  12. 4870 Extend Display Problem

    I have a problem with my dual display setup, I have a 4870 Vapor-x card with one DVI port, one VGA port and one HDMI port on the card. ( link to the card= http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware...ws/vaporhd4870/ ) My first display is connected to my DVI port with a VGA adapter, my second display is connected to the VGA port (both monitors are the same model and both only use VGA as a connection) The second monitor actually has a display, but it is mirrored all the time, but not detected at all in System Profiler or in the Display section in System Preferences. Is there any way to extend the display, either through doing it manually or getting the second display detected properly? I am using EVOenabler.kext for my 4870. I have put some pictures of the System Profiler and my Display options in System Preferences not showing the second monitor OR mirroring settings.
  13. iTunes crashing.

    http://uploading.com/files/7m641dfe/QuickT....component.zip/ Amador, do you have a problem going into the iTunes preferences? Whenever I go into the preferences, nothing shows up and if I click on another tab, the window disappears and I have to force quit iTunes. --- Edit: Fixed this problem, had to patch my CPUID's using Marvin's AMD Utility.
  14. Carbon Lib [FIXED]

    Fixed. If someone has this problem, try deleting CFMSupport in System/Library/ and unzipping this file and putting the new CFMSupport folder back in System/Library/ CFMSupport.zip
  15. I am trying to install World of Warcraft and I get the Carbon Lib error, the Leopard fix I have does nothing at all. Has anyone had this problem and have a fix for it? I would use the search, but its not working...