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GarageBand 08 Crashes


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:( I am running Mac Leopard 10.5.5 with I-Life 08 on:

Kernel TOH

MDG Intel Desktop Board

1GB Ram

1.19 GHZ


ATI Rage Pro 64


My Garageband from I-Life 08 always says installizing when i open it then something comes up "the application Garageband Quit unexpectedly" Did this happen to any one else? I have a feeling it is my Video Card...... please answer ASAP. Or atleast tell me what you think.....?

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Garage band, VLC and many others need accelerate graphics and some quartz extreme.


your ATI Rage Pro 64 may not be supported for what is called QE/CI (quartz extreme and core image)


have a look on this i don't know if there's support for this card, but seach fonction can help you



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