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XPS 420-Inedeb & IPC 10.5.6 HELP PLEASE!


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O.k i tried to install both on my xps 420.

The inedeb does not work at all.


It instals fine but when I try to boot i get the waiting for root error message.

i tried installing it with the vanilla kernel nothing. I tried the voodoo 9.5 same error message.

i EVEN TRIED the 9.2 speedstep i believe is called and same thing.


So I decided to download another osx86 release. I downloaded ipc 10.5.6 universal pppf.

Ok this installs fine it loads but to a black screen. i see the mouse cursor is choppy and slow when i TRY TO MOVE IT

but i think there is something behind but just not showing. My video card is a ATI 3870 And i installed the ATI HD video card

driver that is provided.


Can somebody please help me out in trying to figure this out?

I dont know what to do im stuck.

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