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Shutdown, awaking from sleep problem


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i have leo 10.5.6 installed on my p5q pro mobo.

everything's fine, except 2 things:

1. when i push shutdown button in leo, it's starting to shutdown, then screen goes black and it's not reacting to keyboard or mouse

2. awaking from sleep works the wrong way, all i see after awaking is some strange artifacts, and "big colorful brick" as mouse lol

3. not exactly a problem but... reboot takes too much time


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Same shutdown problem on P5Q-E (see signature) as described in the first post.

Got the latest BIOS (19something) and patched DSDT. Using VoodooPower.kext. openhaltrestart.kext from psystar doesn't help. Using USB 2.0 and IOPCIFamily kexts from slice. ChameleonSM bootloader.


Sleep puts the monitor to sleep and does god knows what to the rest. All I know is it doesn't go to sleep, the power LED would be flashing if it did.

I have to hold the power button to restart when this happens.


Reboot works well!


You guys should post more detailed specs, we need to find out what we have in common.


All of us have ICH10 (mine is ICH10R)..what else, come on...edit your posts.

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