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  1. I made it with 10.5.0. I only downloaded before combo update from apple site.
  2. If this can help you. I test my virgin system before I install kexts, but shutdown was already sporadic. Or even worse. Before haltrestart.kext I sometimes even didn't get past friezed background. But I'm looking forward for possible AppleHDA insights.
  3. Shutdown, awaking from sleep problem

    I have the same problems. My configuration is below. Maybe the sleep problem is related to the GPU. Shutdown is sporadic. It works on occasions.
  4. Weird Shutdown-issue

    You are not alone. Sleep problems could be connected with graphic card/drivers. Shutdown is obviously issue with 10.5.6.
  5. I think you will have to flash bios with moded version. Find related thread under leopard installation. I would use ATI card which has more efficient drivers for pro video apps. I have fully working 3870 but I saw some reports that the new 4850 is starting to work, but you will have to check this. LAN on my board P5Q is not working so if it is the same on your board, buy separate card with compatible chip. The best is realtek 8139 chip.
  6. Atheros is not working. I tried with beta drivers but with no luck. In system messages you can find: ERROR: FireWire unable to determine security-mode; defaulting to full-secure. I don't have any firewire device here, so I can not try if it works. Maybe this error is not crucial.
  7. Sleep and Radeon HD (3870)

    I think my sleep is working OK only when computer wakes up, my screen is flickering and only cca. 1/4 of the screen is active. I somewhere saw a notice from Netkas, where he said, that this is connected only to ATI cards. Do somebody have similar symptoms and maybe any cure? I have installed retail Leo with natit and Megalodon (with Lamna is the same).
  8. I think nobody has "simple" solution for shutdown problems, on most boards under 10.5.6. Maybe there is possibility with DSDT patcher (It makes bios more compatible). Search on site and you will find the info. If you can experiment, post your results back here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...3683&st=520 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;mode=linear
  9. Eight-Core Xeon Out Next Month

    I think we can say that there is very little applications which are effectively multi threaded. On video field the most threaded part of work is rendering but even there, you must enable qmaster or greed computing to use all processors (and you need a lot of ram). For the most part of the work, the bottleneck of the process are hard disks. If you have a decent dual core, you have a lot of possibilities, that for everything - except rendering - you will be first stopped by hard disks. Under this temporary conditions when octocore is very expensive, I think It's logical for Apple to have actually two platforms in mac pro range. Scientific "custom" applications, with appropriate task, can use effectively all cores and for them price differences are negligible. But you are right this is adaptation on Intel move. We will see with comparison to HP and Dell in next weeks if Apple also take his share and raise his margins.
  10. S-Video working on Radeon HD3870

    Thank you for this information.
  11. Try repair perrmissions. Get in safe boot to see if you still have the same problems.
  12. Read previous posts. You should copy kexts from initrd.img from usb boot stick to system extensions folder. But even then you will not be able to shutdown pc all the time. Sorry, I have no need for this, so I didn't try.
  13. You must be more specific. When freezes? I guess you didn't try to enable/install graphic drivers. If you have problems with restart and shutdown, read again the whole thread for possible solutions, but maybe the problem cannot be solved completely.
  14. AHCI fix is in the first page of this thread. Other files: AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleSMBIOS.kext and other kexts are on your usb boot stick or boot cd in the compressed file initrd.img (just double click file and it will be mounted as disk) in the folder Extra/Extensions. There is no need to search for kexts somewhere else.
  15. Whats needed for Final Cut

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=144020 Check this thread. This is one of many options. On some posts you will find some tips regarding FCP, but basicaly you need only compatible graphic card (core image quartz extreme)