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Forcing resolution on boot + small IDE-related problem


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I'm trying to get OSX running on my desktop, and it seems to boot more or less, but I keep on getting a mode not supported error on my monitor, which can't handle the 1440x900 resolution OSX tries to boot into on its first boot. Not even using "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" or something similar would work; it just keeps on forcing to boot to that resolution.


One more thing, I had to install to my SATA HDD (in AHCI mode... which Vista refuses to boot into), because I couldn't get my IDE HDD to appear for installation. Here's a link to my mobo:




The chipset is:

1. North Bridge: AMD 740G

2. South Bridge: AMD SB700


And I'm using the latest iPC.


Thank you!

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