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Consolidating multiple HDD's

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Hi there.


I have some problems that i cant splve on my own (at least it looks like it)


I am trying to consolidate 2 OSs (namely Vista and OSX) which are currenty on a seperate drive each.


HDD1 is Vista. HDD2 is OS X.

Both of them have their own MBR.

SO, if i choose in BIOS which HDD i want to boot from it works on both!

PLUS: HDD1 is holding EasyBCD 2.0 wich can boot Vista and OSX with out any problems. (OS X has Chameleon 10.somewht installed)


Atm the moment everything works fine...


But i just thought that i dont want 2 drives anymore, so i tried to copy both system onto 1 HDD (a new one)

I moved Vista with Acronis wich worked quite fine.


Part1=Vista, Part2=empty: booting with EasyBCD.... perfect. :(

Then i copied OSX with SuperDuper to the second partition. SD did its job and restarted.


Nothing worked. Error message: Missing operating system. :D


Well, to make long things short, SuperDuper set 2 second partition active. I disabled it and i was able to boot Vista again.

And then i tried everything possible to get EasyBCD boot OS X again. Reinstalled Chameleon with the EFI-Tool and so on, but it did not work out!

The best result i could get was like you were trying to boot from an unsopported Drive: missing...\...\...\....plist (dont know what it was exactly)



ATM i am back to my 2 HDD's solution. But i cant belive that there is no way to get this setup working.


Did anybody here do something similar and give me some good advise?




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