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XP (MBR) and OS X (GUID) on two separate drives, hidden EFI install

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Hi all,


I've managed to get OS X 10.5.6 running nicely using the 'hidden EFI partition and full retail DVD' method. It's on a hard disk of its own, and XP is running nicely on a hard disk of its own too. I can select either operating system using the BIOS F12 disk selector during start-up.


However, I cannot seem to get XP's bootloader to connect with the OS X installation (I am presuming that since XP is on a different drive, Darwin won't look at it). I've tried various methods mentioned on these forums and others - boot, boot0.gpt, chain0 - and none of them seem to work. I either get a chain error (chain0, which I think is exclusive to MBR?) or just a flashing cursor with boot0.


Now I'm aware that these are probably common problems - it may well be down to some 'mount partition' setting that I need to fix - but can someone point me to a guide on my particular issue that a relative novice could understand? I've searched for several hours looking for a solution, but to no avail...


Any pointers or advice greatly appreciated; it's thanks to this forum that I have a quad-core Hackintosh working at all. Having a simple boot selector at start-up will be the icing on the cake; it's so close that I can smell it! :D



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