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  1. The 10.6.1 version of this file causes me a kernel panic entering the desktop on 10.6.2 - has anyone else had this problem? And is a different version of the kext in the pipeline at all? Thanks in the meantime - works great with a P5B-VM running 10.6.0 and 10.6.1... Discy
  2. IOATAfamily.kext - will it pre-load?

    Hi there, oldnapalm. Thanks for that. In fact, there wasn't an Extensions.mkext in the /Extra folder. But you got me thinking. So I took all of the extensions required and made a fresh Extensions.mkext, put it in /Extra and now it works... Just in case anyone ever has the same problem and stumbles across this thread... Thanks again! Discy
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to get a friend's old P5B-VM running Snow Leopard, but I'm coming up against a brick wall with IOATAfamily.kext. Am wondering if anyone has any suggestions that may help me. Here's the rub... I have a custom-built bootCD with Chameleon. It only has four kexts to preload - fakesmc, nullCPUPowerManagement and OpenHaltRestart, plus IOATAfamily.kext, which is required because the VM board doesn't have AHCI capabilities. All works well. Snow Leopard installs fine, all drives are seen by the OS etc. However, once I've set up SL and installed Chameleon on the root drive - I'm using RC3, because there's a handy installer - I hit trouble. I put the four kexts in /Extra/Extensions, repair permissions etc. But when I reboot, the boot hangs at 'Waiting for root device'. Now I know the kexts are preloading okay, because I don't get an AppleCPUManagement glitch. If I go for a -x or a -f boot it works fine - takes me to the desktop. And if I physically remove the IOATAfamily.kext from System/Library/Extensions, it works fine as well. Can anyone suggest why the IOATAfamily preloaded is not delivering a boot drive to SL in my current set-up? It's giving me a right headache, and I'm so close to what would appear to be a decently stable system... Hope someone has an idea! Regards to all, Discy
  4. I've been using InsanelyMac for well over a year now, with various posts - hey, some other users have even found them helpful (well, some of them). Now I come back with another query but I find that I'm not actually allowed to post it, because all of my previous comments etc have disappeared from my account. Strange... Right now, I've gone to the trouble of finding out why I can't post - the stock 'you do not have permission...' is pretty unfriendly, so I had to search for 'Why can't I post a new topic?' to even get to this point. And now it seems I have to post five times in other threads just so I can post a topic? Seems a waste of bandwidth to me; I know what I want to ask, so why do I have to add meaningless content somewhere else on the forums to get to that point? Discy
  5. Hi all, I'm playing around with a dual-boot Leopard/Snow Leopard Hackintosh at the minute, and I'm trying Boot-think. I like the way it seems happy to boot from different partitions on different hard disks, something I've lost hours of my life trying to achieve with other loaders in the past. However, while I can manually select the boot partitions, I'd like to be able to make Boot-Think have a default and a timeout, but I'm struggling to set this up. The instructions are loosely translated from Chinese, I think, and while there are instructions on a command to set the default partition and the timeout, there's no accurate description of how/where you access the command line to enter it! Can anyone help? Discy
  6. Thanks for the link. I tend to stick to, and trust, Insanely Mac on these things. But I guess the OX86 world is expanding all the time...
  7. Er... okay. I think I might give it a go - unless my mate decides he wants a bit of headroom when it comes to upgrades etc, I'll go for the ES2L. I guess I could start with my own P35-DS3P mini-ISO and see where I go from there.
  8. Thanks for that. I am tempted to save the £70 and go for the ES2L. I'm just a little worried, though, because whereas there is a guide and an ISO for a retail install with a UD3x, I've yet to find one for the ES2L. Lots of people say it's mega-compatible - but where are they getting their miniboot ISOs from? Discy
  9. Hi everyone, I'm building up a Hackintosh for a work colleague next week. My previous machines have been Gigabyte P35 based - EP35 DS3P and P35 DS3P - and they've used boot-132 mini ISOs, bootloader and full retail installs. I'm keen to do this again, because it gives a nice, clean vanilla install. But these mobos aren't available any more, it seems. I've been trawling around the net and this site and come up with a couple of options. I'm just wondering if anyone has used either of these two mobos for a boot-132 retail install? I can't seem to find ISOs for them... GA-G31M-ES2L (about £35 in the UK) GA-EP45-UD3R (about £105 in the UK) Big difference in price, as you can see. I know the UD3R has been recommended, but if the G31M-ES2L is as 'compatible' as people seem to say on these forums, I just wonder why there's not an pre-booter ISO available for it... Just curious. Hope someone can help! Discy
  10. As an update to my recent post, I did a -v boot and noticed that it was grumbling about audio stuff. So I deleted AppleHDA.kext from /system/library/extensions, then put the AppleHDA from my backed-up 10.5.6 s/l/e folder in there. This is the method that is recommended elsewhere on the forums, but it didn't do it for me. However, no one appears to have specified that you need to do a repair permissions in diskutil before rebooting. THEN it works fine. Hope this helps someone else who may be struggling. Discy
  11. I've used this method for about four months now. It gives a stable install, but it does NOT make your Hackintosh safe for Apple Software Update. That's nonsense. Installed 10.5.7 last night and my machine is toast. Back to square one...
  12. 10.5.7 Released

    Pretty disastrous here, I'm afraid. Install is full retail 10.5.6 using PC EFI v9 and an /Extra folder. The update appears to install fine, but upon reboot I get a kernel panic that's related to audio. Safe boot works, so I took my 10.5.6 AppleHDA.kext and put it back inside the regular Extensions folder instead of what was there. Now, instead of a kernel panic, I get a timeout on IOKitWaitQuiet; in visual terms that means a grey screen with spinning lines, then a switch to a completely black screen that doesn't change (at least for five minutes, which is as long as I was prepared to wait). Can't understand this, since a lot of the IO kexts are in /Extra and that's always worked before (decently quick boot times, in fact). So much for full retail and PC EFI v9 being the 'update-proof' way of installing. I'd have been better off with a Kalyway or iDeneb hack than this... Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? My spec is Gigabyte P35-DS3P with an nVidia 8800GT, 4Gb RAM and a Q6600 CPU. Discy
  13. Hi all, I've got a lovely install of OSX86 running on my Gigabyte P35-DS3P (Q6600, nVidia 8800GT), using a PC EFI v9 and an EP35-DS3x bootloader's extensions.mkext. Everything seems to work a treat; it shuts down, restarts, loads Final Cut Pro and all of Creative Suite 3 without any dramas. However, it seems incapable of running Windows XP through either Parallels or VMWare Fusion. XP installed fine on Parallels, but when I try to install something - such as Sid Meier's Railroads!, for example - it gives me a kernel panic about two thirds of the way through the process. And as for Fusion, it gets up to registering components in the XP install before a kernel panic (grey curtain screen, in other words). I have a few very useful movie file subtitling apps that I need XP for, but ideally I'd also like to be able to play some games through there, without having to resort to two fully separate installs, even on the same drive. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and found a solution? Discy
  14. Hi all, I've managed to get OS X 10.5.6 running nicely using the 'hidden EFI partition and full retail DVD' method. It's on a hard disk of its own, and XP is running nicely on a hard disk of its own too. I can select either operating system using the BIOS F12 disk selector during start-up. However, I cannot seem to get XP's bootloader to connect with the OS X installation (I am presuming that since XP is on a different drive, Darwin won't look at it). I've tried various methods mentioned on these forums and others - boot, boot0.gpt, chain0 - and none of them seem to work. I either get a chain error (chain0, which I think is exclusive to MBR?) or just a flashing cursor with boot0. Now I'm aware that these are probably common problems - it may well be down to some 'mount partition' setting that I need to fix - but can someone point me to a guide on my particular issue that a relative novice could understand? I've searched for several hours looking for a solution, but to no avail... Any pointers or advice greatly appreciated; it's thanks to this forum that I have a quad-core Hackintosh working at all. Having a simple boot selector at start-up will be the icing on the cake; it's so close that I can smell it! Discy
  15. In the end, I've switched to the 'secret' partition method, purely because I got desperately frustrated at the installer giving me different results (over about, oooh, eight or nine full clean installs). Munky's solution involves more command line work, true, but it's been bang reliable at at least spitting me past boot-up and into OS X. I've now updated to 10.5.6 and everything seems to be working fine, although I did have to use some patches from PCWiz instead of just sticking kexts into a pre-loader cache. I guess it's down to some plist or EFI settings... Discy