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Completely new to OSX...


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I am 100% completely new to OSX and I was thinking of installing it as a secondary OS on my system.


What I am having problems with is basically selecting which "distro" I should attempt to install first.


System specs are as follows:


Motherboard: eVGA nForce 780i SLI

CPU: Intel C2D E8400 (OCed to 3.6ghz)

HDD: Western Digital 120GB (IDE)

Optical: ASUS 20x (SATA)

Video: ATI Radeon HD4850


I am not sure what the hardware support is for my specific hardware...I've just started researching things as of yesterday.


I would be willing to hunt down any 'distro' that would work, as I'm really wanting to experiment with this OS badly.


Thanks in advance to anyone offering a hand.

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Other distros include iAtkos, iPC and Kalyway... I would recommend one of the first two... You can check for hardware compatibility for iPc by finding it on insanely as for iAtkos... i have no idea, other than i think it is more advanced in comparison to Kalyway and others...

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