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Hey fellow hackintushies,


I just wanted to bring this to your attention in hopes that someone out there can help me.


I installed Kaly 10.5.2 on my MSI P6N SLI Plat Mobo and have finally perfected the install with internet and the whole 9 yards. My issue is with my video card or something within the system itself, I have an XFX 8800GTS (g92) 512MB Alpha Dog Edition video card and with my windows, it's a BEAST! It runs WoW and anything for that matter at full blast with little to no lag, in major cities I get 60+FPS with max settings on a 24" monitor with 1920x1200 native res. NOW, in my hack, using NVInject in numerous versions, EFI Studio, Darwin, and GFXString, I barely get 30-35fps with MUCH lower settings including smaller res, and speaking of res, my screen blue's out whenever I change the resolution and won't show the desktop until I restart. If I play a Popcap game like Bejeweled or Dynomite or anything that would natively run in 800x600 or anything full screen, I lose the image though the product is running in the background and even after I exit the game or app, I'll get no image back other than a black screen or blue screen.


Even when using quickview to look at jpegs, it'll work fine until I decide to view full screen then I'll just get an expanding white screen and the quick view controls, when I exit full screen the image shrinks and the pic is visible again.


Is there ANYONE out there than can figure out what the hell is going on?? I have a nearly flawless system, easily at 99% complete, except for the poor performance by an awesome gpu that hasn't done me wrong and it's barely 7mts old with no OC'ing or nothing that works as it should on windows.


PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!






PS: I don't know how to delete nvinject without just doing a fresh reinstall and I don't wanna do that :-\

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