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  1. The Sauce

    OK! I'm stumped! GA-EP43-DS3L f9f

    I did think of that, but the only thing audio related says "Azalia Codec" and the options are to enable or disable. I'm truly stumped, even trying to do my own DSDT doesn't seem to work properly. Everything else is P E R F E C T, except no audio. Ok, I don't know HOW I missed that, but the package you gave me worked!! I now have audio. Thanks so much, friend!!!
  2. Hey guys, I'm exhausted. I've tried everything possible to get the audio fixed on my motherboard. I recently did a fresh, brand new install of 10.9.0 using MyHack and was successfully able to update using Mac App Store to 10.9.2; I can't, for the life of me, figure out how the hell to get the audio fixed. I've tried voodooHDA and I get "No VoodooHDA Devices Found", I've tried a lot of patched AppleHDA/HDAEnablers, installer packages, and NOTHING. Can someone, ANYONE who has this same board using the Catri f9f Bios help me out, PLEASE?! I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I didn't use a DSDT for this install. It all works just like that except for the audio. HALPZ!!
  3. Hey guys, I would like to know if any progress has been made regarding this. Also, I'm on a dv6700t CTO SpecEd and my Eject/f12 option is gone, has anyone come across this issue that has found a fix? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in real quick and see what new progress had been made for this whole sleep issue and I just wanna add that after reading verdant's last post about the overclocking...that definitely sheds some light, but what if you've never overclocked and sleep just didn't work? Is there anything that can explain wth was the difference going from 10.5.6 to anything beyond? Man, if I could get sleep working, then that would be fantastic! On a side note: Verdant, you're a saint dude for devoting so much time to actually answer people's questions no matter how trivial and minor they are...I was backtracking and was surprised that someone actually went into describing the difference in KBs, MBs, GBs...I think we're regressing, not progressing, but that's just my opinion and not to be taken as an insult by anyone who's overly sensitive about words. Keep up the great work Verdant and I hope that someday u can just have a post that says "BUY THIS EQUIPMENT AND U'LL NEVER HAVE PROBLEMS AGAIN!!! IF YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING OTHER THAN DESCRIBED HERE, SUPPORT IS VOIDED!!!" lol best of luck dude. -Maj
  5. BB!!!!!!!!! na Paz Cara. I got snow Leo working properly than to verdant. LoL except for sleep of course! LoL falamos irmão! Liga no msn quando tenha o tempo.
  6. Damn verdant!! Why do you rock so hard???? That did the trick! Now, how about getting the Sleep fixed???? LOL, no, seriously. Fix it! LMAO!!
  7. Everything is still running SMOOTHLY! Only thing that I'm noticing is Quicktime X and iTunes make the mouse a little choppy at times...kinda like when people updated to Quicktime 7.5.5 in Leopard...has anyone come across something like that? I hope it's not my GPU that's just one of those problem GPUs!
  8. The Sauce

    **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Were U mentioning me in this post Digital? LOL
  9. Glad to see so many success stories up in here, mine included, but, has anyone been able to make any progress with Sleep?? I think that would ideally be what I need to get this system to be exactly what it should be. In the meantime, I've been taking some time off and actually playing...ready for this...? Doom 3 for Mac. LOL I love that game, it never gets old! Update: I tried netkas' sleepenabler.kext on another backup drive I've got and NO DICE, KP from the get go.
  10. VERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY Interesting thing I just found...Ok, so I was weary about updating to 10.6.2, so I ccc'd my SnowLeo partition into SnoLeoBkp and I updated thinking "well, if my mobo is ok with the vanilla 10.0.0 kernel, and not with 10.2.0 kernel...then would it 'Just work' with 10.0.0?" AND IT DOES!!!!!!!! I updated my clone, rebooted, got a KP at restart, rebooted, went into my SnowLeo drive, copied n pasted that mach_kernel to my Bkp, rebooted with -v -f...BOOTED JUST FINE! I did notice that nForceLAN was still working fine, I'm actually typing this from 10.6.2 and I also notice my sound was gone again, so, since I still had the AppleHDA and ALC888 kexts in my flash drive, I just kexthelper'd them suckas back in and BOOYAH, back to normal. So right now, I'm gonna test out a few different things including installing some apps and stuff to SEE if I get any KP's with 10.6.2 running 10.0.0 vanilla kernel. Behold a screenshot!
  11. Well, well, well folks, what do we have here? Oh yeah, that's right, it's me typing from 10.6! LOL Ok, so following verdant's guide and with a little luck, I was able to get a fully bootable system running with my graphics in place, my sound working properly and everything else EXCEPT SLEEP! But, I'm glad, has anyone mad any progress with sleep? I'm also not really willing to use Apple's software update just yet because for some reason my motherboard doesn't like Vanilla kernels except for 10.0.0, so, do you think that if I was to update and just go into my clone and MOVE the old mach_kernel from the clone to the updated 10.6.2, would it work??? Thanks! PS: VERDANT YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
  12. The Sauce

    Dual Nvidia 8800 GTS working on leopard 10.5.3!

    Question: Is this OFFICIALLY notice that SLI works in Leopard?? Or just TWO GPU's being recognized? I have a friend that's giving me the exact same card I have and I'm really hoping to SLI iPC 10.5.6 updated to iDeneb 10.5.8!
  13. The Sauce


    Awesome!! Who's update pack did u use to update to 10.5.8? Have u found SnoLeo? I have the torrent file downloaded from green demon. Can't wait for updates!! Thanks.
  14. The Sauce


    Any word on that mobo Phlox?
  15. The Sauce


    This seems to be fully working with minimal to no patches. Anyone know where I can get one of these?