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iAtkos 4.1i: after manual sound installation hangs on boot


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hi there


last night i installed iAtkos 4.1i(10.5.4)


my system properties:


gigabyte ep35 ds3l (alc888 sound)


intel e8400


ram 2g 800




my main problem is that after installation i worked and tested it and everything seeming fine


i reseted it a few times too without problems and working still


but because my sound was not recognized i searched for solutions in the forum and in the first test i copied a kext file and mac notified that it hasn't installed properly


then i used another way(by taruga, i think) which contained 2 files, one for alc and one for apple... (i don't remember their names exactly, i just copy paste them) and deleted one alcinject or something as was in the tutorial


and mac notified me again that the driver isn't installed properly


then, i reset


and in the first screen which is a apple logo and some circle under it in stopped, i waited about 10 min and there was nothing


i used -v parameters but i couldn't understand anything




now my problem:


1-isn't there anything in mac like LAST GOOD kNOWN in windows which i can easily bring it back?


2-if not, what i must do to repair?


3-what about my sound, how i can make it work? describe in details plz 


4- my graphic is gigabyte ati 4850? what about that ?


5- i have 2 sata 500, 1 sata 250 and the ide 80 containing mac


in the mac there was only ide 80 (mac itself) and only 1 sata 500 recognized


the other 500 and 250 was not there


in my  recognized 500 there is a 387gb ntfs partition which could not be opened by mac


what can i do to have all i hard disks to work?


note: in the setup the options of sta ahci and native mode are disabled


        when i enable them my vista won't come up


tanx for your detailed helps

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sorry texta


i changes macos before your post and messages are gone




and about my problems:


i searched for sound and it seems it shouldn't be any problem in my mainboard, my bad.


and there is at least 2 4850 drivers which don't need to flash graphic board


and ahci: i found an reg key for vista to enable it but my boot menu isn't coming yet and i haven't test gparted yet.


i'll post further details soon.

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