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  1. Hi @spakk, do you have the source code for this patched kernel, or an update for 10.12 / 10.13? I am keen to continue testing and development for Cherry Trail (x5/x7) kernel support.
  2. Evening ladies and gents, Today I pose the question... At around what time to you go to bed on your average work day and on your average weekend? For me: Normal: SLEEP: 4AM WAKE: 7-9AM Weekend: SLEEP: Somewhere on the Sunday (I don't sleep on Saturday) WAKE: 7-9AM What're your times like?
  3. texta

    WoW install Problem

    Download the patch manually. http://rapidshare.com/files/187847094/WoW-...-patch.zip.html Here's a thread relating to the issue: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=148589
  4. texta

    Star Trek Games?

    Most of the Star Trek games work perfectly under Crossover Games (with the exception of Armada).
  5. texta

    Crossover 7.2.0 ftw

    In case you've decided to turn off updates or haven't been bothered to update at all, Code Weavers have made quite a substantial improvement in their latest release of Crossover Standard and Crossover Games. Here are some notable improvements that I have come across: () I can play Garry's Mod now. =O () I can play Left 4 Dead now without a blank screen or frequent crashes. () Steam seems to load much faster now. () There has been a pretty big improvement to the DirectX layer. () So, if you were like me and you skipped or turned off updates, just be sure that you're using 7.2.0. It's worth it...
  6. texta

    WoW install Problem

    Check to see if you have QE/CI enabled (System Profiler > Displays) and/or reinstall. Also check to see if other games run, and try WoW in safemode.
  7. We're all (mostly) good friends here. See you around...
  8. texta

    Steam on mac?

    Hi, and welcome to InsanelyMac! First off, a lot of Steam games (Steam itself works too) on Crossover games, especially the Orange Box. Please note that Crossover is a commercial product. It might be wise to download the trial first. Crossover Mac - http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/ 1. Install Crossover by dragging it to your applications folder 2. Go to Install Software and select install Steam. 3. Follow the wizard to create a bottle. It will download and install, and then shortly run (Note, it will probably download some fonts and a HTML Parser. That's ok! Just let it do it's stuff ) 4. If you already have your game data, go to manage bottles, select your bottle, go to advanced and click on open drive in finder. 5. Go to drive_c/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/ and copy your content over. 6. All done If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to post up on this thread. Don't fret, and have fun! Texta.
  9. Ugh, respect other users, especially senior ones. SticMAC has earned his status on the forums and was simply attempting to teach you some forum etiquette (or English etiquette in general). I've been here since the beginning, but I've been banned a few times. PS: I don't really know if you're a male of female SticMAC. Sorry if I was mistaken!
  10. WTF!? C++ and Publisher. How the the fark did you come up with such rubbish. Please, if you're going to make a thread to complain and rant, make sure you actually have prior knowledge to the subject. Yes, I still support the original theme by ignorantcow...but to be honest, the new "Insanely Lucid" design has been fixed up to have the same if not better functionality. The only thing we need to fix now is the irrelevant and annoying ads, as well as the odd empty spaces everywhere.
  11. texta

    Finally, a way to avoid the Apple EULA and still install OSx86!

    The cat has spoken.
  12. texta

    A good joke?