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My backups - can never restore from them. Pain!


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I seem to have a problem with restoring from backups when my various OSX86 installs go wrong, a problem which unfortunately means that I keep having to install the OS all the way from beginning. As you can imagine, this is frustrating and a real time waster!


I was advised to do a backup by booting the Kalyway DVD and using Disk Utility to create an image of the drive and save it on a USB drive, which I've done. I've also tried it while the OS is running using Carbon Copy Cloner.


Saving the image seems to be OK, but restoring is another matter ...


Running Disk Utility from the DVD, I choose the drive source and destination int he Restore section and it seems to be working, but at about the '6 minutes remaining mark' the progress bar disappears and it thinks it's done. However, it has not copied all the files across, as the newly restored drive is about 1gb smaller than the backup/source, and there are also fewer folders/files showing in the folder/file count section on Disk Utility.


Something is stopping the restore from working properly/


When I go to boot from the restored drive, I see four lines of text on screen - junk basically which looks like this:








This is not exact, but the point is clear - drive not bootable!


Any ideas why the restore is failing?


For info, I have an MSI Wind U100/160gb drive and am backing up to/from a USB2 e-Sata drive.

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