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how to make backup boot?


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I had a fully working OS X 10.5.6 and had to use my harddisk for some other purpose. therefore i created with Disk utility a dmg backup of my os x partition.


to restore it, i started up with the Kalyway 10.5.2 install DVD and started the disk utility there. I partitioned the Disk from scratch with three partitions: Journaled - Journaled - FAT (I think by doing so, it created a GPT-MBR hybrid) - then i used disk utility to write back my dmg backup to the first partition.


however - it's not booting now. Probably because there is no bootcode in the bootsector of the disk?


So - how can I make my backup boot? I have a working Vista installation on a second disk



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hi supergnu...


By no means am i an expert, and i was mostly flyin by the seat of my pantst...but before i upped to 10.5.6 (from 10.5.4 - kalyway, P35-DS3P) i wanted a working bootable clone just in case...here's roughly what i did, and i hope i'm not forgetting anything -


Ill refer to HDone as orig, and HDoneBU as the backup drive, both are 500GB seagates...


I enabled root, then logged into root -this may or may not be needed, i dont know

used disk utility to partition HDoneBU (1 partition) and in options selected guid

used rsyncx and the settings here: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/f181/25.htm


Now, when the cloning of 10.5.4 HDone was done, i used DSDT Patcher GUI to patch HDoneBU - you may not need to do this, i mightn't have either? lol


then used UInstaller to apply pc_efi v9 chameleon and efi string for graphics card to HDoneBU - this is what makes it bootable i guess

booted from HDoneBU with -v -f for the first time, then rebooted normally - i then updated to 10.5.6 and all's been well so far, will use the same method minus the dsdt path, to cloe my now working 10.5.6 drive..


anyways, give it a go, no harm could be done i guess, as i used a separate drive for backup..


if anyone has input on an easier way though, i'm all ears too :)


good luck

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Hello and thanks for the reply


The problem is, that I already have the backup! it was done using Disk Utility (not from the started OS, but from a booted installation disk) by creating a dmg Image of the OS partition. The harddisk is empty now - so no way to create a new backup.


Now i need to get this backup working again.

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It's very useful in these situations to have another install of leopard - a lot of people use kalyway, I use leo4all - they're used because they're easy to install


I had your very same problem the other day. This is how I fixed it....


You're right, when you restore from an image, the boot part disapears


I put it back on using the chameleon installer (it does EFI and the boot part)


I booted up using my leo4all install from another HD then installed chameleon onto the restored HD


Then you can boot into the restored HD


Sorry, if this doesn't help - if you don't have another drive to use as a "Help me" install of leopard then this won't help

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