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Remote Desktop, VNC, iAtkos and GMA 950.. is it working somewhere?

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I installed iAtkos on an Intel D945GFL2 with Atom 330 dual core CPU.

Even upgrade to 10.5.6 worked.


Works pretty good, but if I enable "screen sharing" and try to access the hackintosh from my MacBookPro I get a "bluescreen" (how is that called in the macworld?) that message "you need to push the power button".


I also tried to enable "desktop management" instead of "screen sharing", doesn't help.

It doesn't matter how I try to remote control the hackintosh, from Finder, with Jollys Fast VNC or from a WindowsPC with tight VNC. Whenever the connection is established the hackintosh crashes in the same moment.


I tried to run VineServer on the hackintosh, but it wont starts and says something about "screen resolution not compatible" or so.. Somehow I start to think it could have something to do with the GMA950 not working properly...


Anyways.. has anybody experience with this? What could I try?

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I have an Asus P5LD2-VM without video card (I mean onboard), i have always used the iAtkos OS. The only way I can run perfectly VNC, share the screen and use some programs as the crossover is using the version 10.5.4. I have the 10.5.7 already, and the previous versions (10.5.5 & 10.5.6) have the same problem. I have reached 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 through software update, and I think is something I installled from the iAtkos 10.5.5 installation DVD. To get the successful update I use the disc to install:

PC_EFI_v9, dsmos, SMBIOS_EFI, x86 ACPI, kernel ToH 9.2.0, disabler.kext and ohr.kext.

One or some of those are the responsable of that video issue in the system.


Any idea???

I hope someone can help, it is not cool to reboot the machine to use just 1 little program on windows when i could use it with crossover. I also cant get remote to my machine because it gets a kernel panic screen.

Aaron. :angel:

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Sounds more a like a problem with your NIC. I run a GMA950 system with an ASRock board, which I control by "Back to my mac" over the Internet and it is really fast and useable.


So you may install the IONetworking.kext from your 10.5.4 installation. I remember I did this the first time on 10.5.6 because Time Machine did not work anymore.


Maybe this solves your problem.

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Have the same board built into a G3, same error, but I now connect to it via a wireless adaptor with no errors! I'm also running 10.5.7 but I haven't tried the onboard NIC again...



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