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[Sale] BFG 6600 GT Pci-e w/ Silencer


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I have a BFG 6600 GT Pci-e 128MB graphics card for sale. I installed an Arctic Cooling Silencer on it and it is, as the product name implies, totally silent. Note: It takes up the adjactent pci slot.


It comes with a new pci slot cover with perforations so the air can be pushed out of the adjacent slot. It also comes with 2 DVI - VGA adapters and a HDTV/Svideo dongle so you can use it with your tv.


I haven't had the time to test the new nvidia drivers, so I can't comment on how/if it works with osx86.


I'm looking for $175 shipped in canada, and am open to offers for various pc parts. In particular: a 2GB kit of ddr2-667 memory (straight up trade).


Email for pics.

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