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Webcam problem


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SO the problem is, that my webcam "sorta" stoped working right..




in skype - in the video section, selecting "Laptop Integrated Webcam" doesnt work (it worked for months of using mac os), there is only the option "build-in iSight (Leopard)" which sorta works - but sometimes the quality of it its realy messy, sometimes not..and yeah, its laggy (but it was all the time)




the flash-webcam support doesnt work now, now i have a LOT of options there (which i hadnt) - which doesnt work for me..


There is "Shared USB Video Class Video", "DV Video", IIDC FireWire Video", "Google Camera Adapter 0", "Google Camera Adapter 1", "USB Video Class Video"


-> none of them works - and i didnt had those options before, only the integrated webcam option.


so to summarize, my webcam worked for many months on my mac os..


now it is sorta broken.. sorta..


Did i install something? If you cannot help me at all, there is only one way - a clean reinstall, but i wouldnt want to do that..


btw. my laptop is Dell XPS M1530


Any suggestions helps..

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