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  1. Hello, I was trying to get SL or Lion to be installed on my Desktop (tinyurl.com/hpe510cs) which is: CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 GPU: AMD RadeonHD 6850 AUDIO: Integrated IDT 92HD89E Audio Ethernet: RTL8111E I basicly tried to do the "nawcom boot cd" vanilla install. After the successfull installation and after chosing the mac os from chameleon, trying to boot it with -v or -v -x .. all I see is some verbose text for 3-4 seconds, and after that i get a BLACK screen and the FAN of the GPU is spinning INSANELY loud. I tried to make a Lion install with the myHack thing - using the general extra. I couldnt get to the install - it stops at a WHITE screen. I tried to install a Linux distro, and the funny thing is, that after the install i got an entry in Grub (32bit Mac os and 64bit). When I run it from there, the MAC OS could be loaded (but then something went wrong .. during the manual 10.6.8 update - kernel panic something about the AppleSMCPDRC .... IOPlatformPluginFamily ). So, any suggestion how to get a working SL (at least 10.6.6) or Lion on this desktop? Any suggestions & tips will be appreciated. update 1: after i try to install 10.6.8 from GRUB (not chameleon) i get this error: http://oi40.tinypic.com/s5lisw.jpg After I reboot the booting stops at this message (and then pc does nothing): http://i40.tinypic.com/34rc26b.jpg update 2: I can boot from Nawcom boot CD to my installed MAC OS. So the loading works from Nawcom/Grub. update 3: Lion install was freaking easy. I used the myHack (http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/) booted the USB with -f. After it installed the Lion. I booted with -f. After that - copied the Kext directory from /Extra folder on the USB to the drive /Extra folder. After this is done - i have a working Lion. Wohoo!
  2. Zydas ZD-1211 driver

    Yes, the last driver works perfectly (also). Just download DriverExtract.dmg and read the http://www.rokland.com/mask/drivers/zd_mac_instructions.txt. DONT forget to go to preferences - network and click apply, AFTER you install the driver, reboot, insert the usb after the os is loaded.
  3. SL on dell 1530

    tried the version which you wrote on the second page.. it works great thank you but from time to time i think the graphic card was faster on the normal leopard..(when i play a game or so..) anyway - thanks. btw. where are you from?
  4. dell M1530 - nvidia 8600GT - not working 3d

    reinstalled - and solved by nvinjectgo..
  5. Hello guys, i've tried it for hours and hours and hours.. but nothing I had previous installations of iAtkos, then iPC. I reformated my HDD, installed linux and then MAC, im running mac through a efi boot - in grub. The problem is - i NEVER had problems in those mac instalations with the graphic driver, now i have ( all the time it was on the same laptop) in the Opengl extension viewer i got the Apple software renderer, no 3d game (warcraft, wow) will play, no video through vlc or quicktime. Something is wrong. I tried the insanelymac Nvidia installer (punk92), tried the Dell Laptop Post installer 1.4.1. tried to remove the NV*.kext in System/Library/Extensions directory from safe mode and then install from those installers - nothing. Please do help me, i will be most happy of LONG tutorials, long answers how can i fix my problem. It seems i installed some kext during the last installation (before a month or two) of iPC, because the video too worked then. But now, i don't know.. If you cant help me i'll try a new installation but i wouldnt want to do that .. but if there wont be anything what can help me.. Thanks for ANY help. And talk to me like like to a newbie - who doesnt know about EFIs, kexts, etc..
  6. Webcam problem

    thanks for the reply, yes, if nobody will help - i'll reinstall. Too bad.. But yes, i've backed-up all my data so, no problem...
  7. Webcam problem

  8. Thaaanks a lot !! it just works MANY thanks (diky diky moc, necakal som ze uvidim funcknu ethernetku na tomto laptope (m1530) .. DIKY MOC ..)
  9. Webcam problem

    Any suggestions? (i hope i posted it in the right category)
  10. Webcam problem

    SO the problem is, that my webcam "sorta" stoped working right.. firstly: in skype - in the video section, selecting "Laptop Integrated Webcam" doesnt work (it worked for months of using mac os), there is only the option "build-in iSight (Leopard)" which sorta works - but sometimes the quality of it its realy messy, sometimes not..and yeah, its laggy (but it was all the time) second: the flash-webcam support doesnt work now, now i have a LOT of options there (which i hadnt) - which doesnt work for me.. There is "Shared USB Video Class Video", "DV Video", IIDC FireWire Video", "Google Camera Adapter 0", "Google Camera Adapter 1", "USB Video Class Video" -> none of them works - and i didnt had those options before, only the integrated webcam option. so to summarize, my webcam worked for many months on my mac os.. now it is sorta broken.. sorta.. Did i install something? If you cannot help me at all, there is only one way - a clean reinstall, but i wouldnt want to do that.. btw. my laptop is Dell XPS M1530 Any suggestions helps..
  11. Fallout 3 using Oblivion's Cider

    any new lately?
  12. Anything new? Would like to help if there would be any way..
  13. oh my would love to use mac os, but without a working driver for this - i dont wanna ..
  14. Dell XPS 1530 Kalyway guide

    nice guide, i was searching for something like this let's hope i wont have any problem with installing mac os -