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Allow device to wake the computer

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Hi, any help will be greatly appreciated!


The Problem

I have cat and a iMac. I like to put my computer to sleep so it take little time for it to wake. The problem is that when the cat steps on the mouse or the keyboard the iMac wakes up. This is bad at 4am as the screen is big 24" and bright so I might wake up + it uses electricity so the nature is crying and pandas are dying :( .


Possible Solution

I go to the store and by a BT mouse and keyboard, open up system preferences and disable BT devices to wake the computer. I don't like this solution as it is expensive it adds no value as the apple Bt keyboard doesn't have num pad and I just DON'T like it. So this is really no solution for me.


Ideal Solution

Someone tells me how to possibly edit a plist. or some file so that the iMac can only be waken from the power buttog that is behind it. If my cat can wake it like that then maybe it deserves to be put to sleep during night.

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