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  1. Hi, Sorry for taking so long but finally started today: Back is now a big but hole. Took some photos (some with my mobile phone some with my camera so enjoy the quality ) Enjoy the project photos on Flickr (if I ever post more ) Flickr BMXER55 cheers for the photos really helps to see what others have done.
  2. Hi, I started modding the case scense i thought it will take some time for people get idea what works and what doesn't with the 10.6.3. If I got time I'll post some photos later. The idea is to have an old motherboard tray on the back.
  3. Hi, I am completely new to this scene. However I managed to install using the method: boot from boot CD, install from retail, boot from CD and install p5w dh deluxe SL pack. However my WLAN does not work. I understand that there is realtek driver for mac 10.5.7 but I can not download it from the realtek site. Any help with that. Also how do you guys update to 10.6.3. I am on 10.6 right now. All help will be appreciated. I also got a G5 power mac case so I could post some pics later on. I have CNC skills so I am looking into making this a fun project. However I wanna make the IT part work 1st. My system relevant: (nothing is overclocked, all is stock) p5w dh deluxe intel quad q6600 asus nvidia 8600GT 160gb SATA drive 4gb RAM Bios 3001(latest i could find on asus site) Cheers George from Finland
  4. Hi, any help will be greatly appreciated! The Problem I have cat and a iMac. I like to put my computer to sleep so it take little time for it to wake. The problem is that when the cat steps on the mouse or the keyboard the iMac wakes up. This is bad at 4am as the screen is big 24" and bright so I might wake up + it uses electricity so the nature is crying and pandas are dying . Possible Solution I go to the store and by a BT mouse and keyboard, open up system preferences and disable BT devices to wake the computer. I don't like this solution as it is expensive it adds no value as the apple Bt keyboard doesn't have num pad and I just DON'T like it. So this is really no solution for me. Ideal Solution Someone tells me how to possibly edit a plist. or some file so that the iMac can only be waken from the power buttog that is behind it. If my cat can wake it like that then maybe it deserves to be put to sleep during night.