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MSI MP54G4 not working

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On the advice of the HCLPart page in the wiki I bought a MSI MP54G4. So I install it, it works fine in linux. I fire up MacOS, install the driver, reboot, and it says this:



error mapping module file com.CardBus.driver.WirelessDriver

can't map com.CardBus.driver.WirelessDriver in preparation for loading

Can't determine dependencies for com.CardBus.driver.WirelessDriver.

Couldn't alloc class "CardBusWirelessDriver"


So is there a way I could fix this? If there is any more information I could provide, I'd be glad to.


Much thanks to anyone who helps :)

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what HW version?


what OS version?


Need more information if you expect help. :idea:


Looks like only certain versions are supported and directions for supporting it are different depending on OS version.

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Ah, yes sorry. How silly of me :)




The card doesn't have a revision on it, however the main chip on it does. It is an RT2560F.


Is there a place where these directions exist (they don't seem to be in the wiki nor on the forums)?

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