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Kalyway 10.5.2 error: could not update platform UUID

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Hi all,


ive installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my FJS Lifebook E8210.


All went fine but wenn i boot Mac only the grey Apple appears and its loading.


After 5 minutes i get a black screen.


Ive started with "-x -v" but in safe mode he wont boot either.


It stops on this line:


InterfaceName: no network interfaces, could not update platform UUID


So i ggogeld for taht and i tried things like disabeling all Networkdrivers in BIOS (WLAN, Bluetooth etc.)

--wont work


also someone says with "-x" should work because he starts in sfae mode but wont work for me


BUT: Ive waited 10 minutes with blackscreen and then i presses just for fun "push-all-buttons"


Then a music started to play?? And someone says Welcome to MAC and if i want to install Speech control ???


So it looks like he wants to start :D But istill got no picture.


So anyone got the same Problem or knows how to help?


Ive got an ATI X1400 Graphic maybe its because of the driver?

Hm or maybe i can start it with an standart Videodriver or something like that?


Thanks to all

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It looks like a problem with your graphic driver. Boot from the install DVD and try removing that kext (sorry I don't know wat its called cause i use nvidia graphic cards). Then it shud boot up in VESA mode which should then allow you to properly install the correct driver for your card.


Removing kext: boot from install dvd>utilities>terminal


Replace "install" with your install partition name and replace xxxxxxxx.kext with your ATI kext


rm -R /Volumes/install/System/Library/Extensions/xxxxxxxx.kext


Hope this helps

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The above method should work, but unless you know the exact name of every single ATI kext, you'll still run into problems -- and it's usually a long list of kexts.


Alternative fix:


Single user mode:

At the Darwin bootloader, press:



then type:



mount -uw /







As far as I know, /movevideodrivers is a command unique to Kalyway. It can probably be customized and inserted into any Leopard installation.


Anyways. This will help you start up with video output, but without video acceleration, and with limited 1024x768 resolution. You can install the appropriate kext for your video card after. However, I recommend the following procedure:


• download OSx86 Universal Installer (also named UInstaller)

• select Install EFI

• Select Insert Graphic string >> ATIX1400

• click Install


For now, there's no need to select anything else in the UInstaller panel.




And again at the bootloader and boot prompt:


-f -v




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ive been trying to get kalways sorted on my gigabyte ud5 i7, with sli 8800 and was getting stuck at the same point i did exacly as the poster above suggested and removed my graphics kext, although i was sure i had the right one. and hey presto im booting into osx, thanks so much!!!

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This week I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my fujistsu lifebook e8210 with intel GMA 950 video card.

Only wifi/ethernet doesn't work. I bought dlink dwl-g122. It work like a charm.


I have 1680x1050 resolution, firewire, bluetooth with apple keyboard...,

and it's the most important, the computer startup in 30s !


If you need any help, ask me.


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