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MacBook Pro Unibody - input remapper doesn't work

EDR Alex

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Hi all, I've bought the latest MacBook Pro unibody (2.4 ghz, 9600gt 256mb, 250gb hdd) and I've installed windows xp through Bootcamp.


It all works fine, but the temperature while using windows are really high and the fans doesn't switch on properly (maybe they're working, but at really low speed)... I've tried speedfan, but it gives information only about temperatures and I can't change the fan speed...

the gpu in idle is 70°C and the cpu is 60°C!


So I tried inputremapper (the latest version): I installed, I rebooted and then when I click on MacBook settings it freezes and I can't change anything.


Please help me :P if you know other programs that can change the fan speed let me know... :)

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