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My experience installing 10.4.5 from Myzar

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Boot into Windows XP.


Use Partition magic to set aside some space. MAKE SURE THE NEW PARTITION IS NOT PART OF THE “EXTENDED PARTITION” AND CREATES A LOGICAL DRIVE. Logical drives in extended partitions are no good to OSX and it won’t work.


What I did was I have two Windows Partitions with Drive C: and D:. I resized C: up by 13 Gb then resized it down by 13Gb. This leaves 13Gb of empty space. OSX takes up about 5Gb to install so I just left 7Gb for installing apps and games, etc. Pick a size you like.


Go into a DOS Box “cmd”.


Type diskpart


Type “select disk 0”


Type “list partition”


This will show you what partitions you already have. You won’t see the 13Gb (or whatever size you pick) one as it’s not a partition yet but an empty spot on the HDD.




Type “create partition primary id=af”


This will create an AF type partition and fill up all the unused space on your HDD.




Type “exit”




Reboot the PC with the OSX DVD in the DVDROM drive.


You will see a grey screen with the Apple logo and a spinning circle thing. It will change to a blue screen which may have the rainbow beachball spinning.


Next you will see the intro screen for installation.


Click Next or OK or whatever and agree to their T&C.




It will eventually get to “Choose a partition to install OSX on” and won’t find any.


Go up to the top of the screen and use the menus to find the Disk utilities one (cant remember what its called).


When that runs, select your HDD and click the button marked ERASE.


It will list partitions on your HDD.


Find the 13Gb one you set aside in Windows.


It will show it as “Mac OS Journalled” formatted partition. If you click on others they will come up as NTFS formatted or FAT32 or whatever you use.


You can type a name for your partition (instead of disk0s2). I just called mine “OSX86”


Click on ERASE and it will ask if you are sure you want to do that. Click YES or OK.


It will mount the partition and erase it. Once that’s finished close the Disk utes application and your Install screen below it will now show that partition as available to install OSX on it.


Select that partition and hit NEXT.


If you see the word “CUSTOM” or “CUSTOMISE” at any time going thru the install process now, select it and deselect the printer drivers you don’t want (several hundred megs per printer driver) and any additional languages you don’t want.




It will install the BSD Base system and all the stuff it needs, along with iCal and iTunes, etc.


At the end, it will install an update to upgrade your install from 10.4.4 to 10.4.5.



It will then optimise the partition and reboot.


On my install, when you hit the REBOOT button or let it time out 30s and auto-reboot, my PC locks up. I just hit the POWER button and then turn it back on.




You will now boot up into the Darwin Bootloader which will display your OS’s. WindowsXP (NTFS) and OSX. OSX is selected by default and will boot after a 10s delay which you can change later on.


Funnily enough, if you select WindowsXP it displays a message “Boot foreign OS”. I liked that.




Now, you boot into OSX. It will probably flood your screen with white text on a black background as it loads the kext drivers. If you are lucky it will now boot up and you get to select your Country and what Keyboard type you have. Then, it asks for your APPLE-ID which you probably don’t have. Hit Continue to skip that. It will ask for your name, address, email address, phone number. I just typed in {censored} for that. Next it will boot.




ISSUES: The first time I booted the install DVD it crashed with a Kernel Panic. I found out on this forum I had to update my BIOS. Then, it worked. It gave an ACPI error.


ISSUES: I have a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard. It has PS2 and USB cables. I used to have both plugged in all the time. Windows doesn’t mind this but OSX does. Unplug the PS2 and just have USB and it works. Apparently there is also an issue if you try to run a PS2 keyboard with a USB mouse. Use both USB if you can.


ISSUES: It doesn’t seem to like my built-in network card. It’s an NForce and Apple don’t support NForce network cards as the Intel motherboards they sell don’t have NForce. I will need to whack in a spare card.



PS: I'm not responsible if you f*** up your PC using my method :lol:

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Still problems with SATA operation.. and i can't get a glimse about what people are talking about at the relative SATA thread!


Still sad..


But i'm gonna try it on my laptop when it gets of the service for burning the disk drive ;P



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I'm using the 10.4.4/.5 combo image from Myzar, and I'm having an installation problem. I get all the way to the end of the install and it hangs with "running we stole it sucker install script". My system is as follows:


Asus A8N-SLI Premium

3800+ X2

2gb memory (Kingston HyperX)

7800GTX video card


I have a lot of SATA drives connected, but they are only for windows. I am trying to install to an IDE 160gb drive from an IDE DVD/RW drive. It will be a native install, but I cannot get the install to finish. If I reboot and try to start the new OS, it gets into a fatal loop and will not boot.


Any ideas that may be of some help?

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Looks like OSX still has issues with SATA drives. One of the guys at work has troubles too. While installing, OSX can't even find the AF partition.

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@Cheerio: Yes, you have to download VMware Workstation and create a virtual machine. The way how to do this you find in a lot of threads - just use the search function!

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I've got a mac and mac osx (not sure what version, cant find it at the mo!). The mac isn't nearly powerful enough to run what I'm wanting to run so I need to use the pc. I've been reading about various versions I should download from bittorrent, are they set up for this install or is it just because no one wants to buy mac osx? Basically if I do all the stuff in windows you've got in this guide, and then restart with the original apple dvd in the drive, will it work? I assume these versions people are downloading and using here are hacked and thats the reason u use them. If so, What is the exact name of the file I'm looking for? What's this 10.4.5 from 'Myzar'?? Where do I get it!?? Hope someone can help

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