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Airtunes behind wireless router

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Hi all!


I recently added a wireless 802.11n router with gigabit LAN ports to my home network. Since I was not able to make the thing (TRENDnet TEW-633GR) work as a bridge, I installed it as a router on its own little subnet (192.168.0). My desktop (Hackintosh) sits on the 10.0.0 subnet (routed by a linux box with internet access) and I added my Airport Express to the network created by the TEW (192.168.10). My old G4 PowerBook did not seem to like the b/g/n mixed mode of the TEW, so I am using the AX for it and switched the TEW to n-only, which works well for the new MacBook Pro. Sooo... to make a long story short, everything works with the exception of Airtunes from my Desktop. I can see the AX and the Airtunes speakers, but nothing else (no configuration access and iTunes gives up switching to the Airtunes speakers after a minute or so of trying).


Here is an attempt at an ASCII drawing:


(Internet)---|Linux Box|- 1 --- 10.0.0 --- 200 -|Desktop|
					  `- 1 --- 192.168.0 --- 2 -|TEW|- 1 --- 192.168.10 --- 200 -|AX|- 1 --- 10.0.1 --- 2 -|G4|

Further details:

  • The Linux box was told to route 192.168.10 via the TEW's IP.
  • Routing for the 10.0.0 and 192.168.0 networks worked out of the box after configuring the two virtual interfaces.
  • All hosts on all networks can access the internet.
  • The AX was put into the TEW's DMZ.
  • Pings from the Desktop to the AX are seen on the linux box and are logged as going in and out of the correct devices.
  • The TEW's log does not show any blocked traffic to the AX
  • Due to wiring limitations, it's near impossible to have the Desktop and the AX on the same subnet

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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Internet > TEW


TEW > Linux Box (DMZ, as I assume you are wanting services exposed to the internet)


Linux Box > Desktop (Connected through the Linux box as I assume you are routing services through it)


(ALT) TEW > Desktop (Might be worth trying for testing routing through the Linux box to the Airtunes)


TEW > AX (For G4)



/me shrugs.


Diagrams are weak online. We're all hands-on type.

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